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Past Events - 2018

WORK IN PROGRESS - We're a relatively small Group, but undertake lots of activities, so please bear with us while we try to keep these details up to date.


Members Dark Skies event (19th Jan)


CAG Helping Thurso Beavers get their Space Badge


CAG Stargazing Session at Castletown Primary School


Learning About "Space" at Pennyland Primary School

CAG chairman and local STEM Ambassador Gordon Mackie spent several afternoons with a P5 class at Pennyland Primary School covering the "Space" curriculum topic.

The pupils were enthusiastic in learning about the Sun, Planets and moons in our Solar System, and how the movement of the Earth & Moon around the Sun is linked to day, night, seasons and tides on the Earth.


Members Dark Skies event (9th Feb)


CAG Annual General Meeting 

The AGM was held on Saturday 10th March in Caithness Horizons, Thurso. The annual statement of accounts were accepted and the following office bearers and committee members were elected/re-elected as part of the proceedings:

Chairperson: Gordon Mackie
Secretary: Keith Nicholson
Treasurer: Alan Gerrard

Other committee members: John Hilton, Dina Hilton, Angela Nicholson, Christian Wilhelm, Carole Whittaker & Mark Gibson
Membership for 2018 was set at £15 for adults and £25 for family membership (the same as last year).


"Lochaber to the Cosmos" (15th March)

In a joint talk hosted by CAG & the Caithness Science Festival Dr Alec MacKinnon, Senior Lecturer from the University of Glasgow gave a talk about the Ben Nevis Observatory, it's link to Physicist CTR Wilson and his studies of cosmic rays.

The talk then talked about some of the recent discoveries in relation to these high energy cosmic particles.......

......including a particle observed to arrive at Earth travelling at almost the speed of light, dubbed the "Oh My God" Particle.

Above image shows a few CAG members alongside Dr MacKinnon after his talk.

The following day Dr MacKinnon visited a couple of local schools to speak to pupils there....

The above photo shows Dr MacKinnon with Science Festival Organiser Elena Baikie and Wick High School Physics teacher Perter Darmady.

Above photo shows Dr MacKinnon discussing the Solar System with pupils at Newton Park Primary School on Wick.

After the school visits there was time for Dr MacKinnon to sample the Caithness spring weather......

.....one of the reasons Old Pulteney is so popular amongst locals.....


CAG at the Caithness Science Festival Fun Day (17th March Wick School Campus)



"To Pluto and Beyond" (20th April)

CAG member Mike Lunan took attendees on a guided tour of the distant world Pluto and it's ensemble of moons thanks to some stunning imagery obtained by the New Horzons spacecraft.


CAG Observing and Imaging Equipment Evening (18th May)


CAG Observing and Imaging Equipment Evening - Part 2 (1st June)



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