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Event Programme (Current Year)

The programme for 2024 is below.

Check back regularly in case any dates or times change. Note that event cancellations will be marked by scored through text.

With Covid-19 being less of a concern CAG have resumed holding in-person events again, complimented by occasional online meetings via suitable online meeting platforms.

The use of online meetings has been invaluable over the past few years and as well as allowing us to have guest speakers from farther afield it has allowed CAG to collaborate with, and occasionally join the meetings of other astronomical groups in the north of Scotland (HAS, SIGMA, AAS & NRAG).

Unless otherwise stated the event start time is 7pm and venue is the Castlehill Heritage Centre designated Dark Sky Discovery Site.


CAG Programme of Events for 2024

Programme under development (remember to also check our Facebook page for further details and short notice announcements relating to our public events)

Fri 19 Jan Fri 2nd Feb - “The Queen and the Monster Slaying Hero” - at this public event CAG Chair Gordon Mackie will give a virtual tour of some of the interesting objects in (& around) the constellations of Cassiopeia and Perseus, both of which sit prominently overhead in the night sky on clear winter evenings. If weather permits there will also be a short observing session outside in the courtyard at this event. Postponed to 2nd Feb due to wintry weather and poor travel conditions.

Sat 10th Feb - AGM - this year the AGM will be held at the Mill Theatre in Thurso. Meeting is still scheduled to start at 10.30am and is open to members and anyone interested in the club activities or in becoming a member.

Fri 16th Feb - Deep sky astro image processing - a live demo of astro-image processing using freely available software packages by CAG member and expert astrophotographer Maciej Winiarczyk. This meeting will be held online and will commence at 7.30pm. CAG members, other north of Scotland astronomy club members and invited guests will be emailed the meeting link before the session.

Sat 16th March - "The Northern Lights - a basic guide for aurora watchers" - This public event is part of the Caithness International Science Festival Programme and will be held in the Mill Theatre, Thurso. Want to know more about the aurora? CAG members and keen aurora watchers Gordon Mackie and Maciej Winiarczyk will cover what the aurora is, what causes it, how to maximise your chances of seeing it and how to photograph it. If weather permits there will also be a short observing session.

Fri 22nd March (date & venue tbc) - "The Antikythera" - Presentation by Richard Oakley from SIGMA, Moray's Astronomy Club. This public event is part of the Caithness International Science Festival Programme.

Sat 23rd Mar - CAG at the Caithness Science Festival Family Day (at Wick High School)

Fri 5th Apr - Public event with short talks by CAG members on comets and how to photograph them. If the weather suits there will also be a short observing session where we hope to be able to see comet 12P/Pons-Brooks.

Members observing sessions will take place at various weekends during the darker winter months. This will be weather dependent and members will receive notification shortly beforehand if each session will take place. The venue will normally be at the Castlehill Heritage Centre Dark Sky Discovery Site, but some sessions may utilise even darker locations.

Weekends pencilled in for the above mentioned members observing sessions are 3/4 Feb & 10/11 Feb.



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