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03 August 2012
Autumn CAG Members Workshops / Observing Sessions

This Autumn CAG will be holding sessions for Members (and invited guests), where a recently donated 10" Fullerscopes reflector and other scopes will be used to check out the many wonders in the night sky.

It is hoped this telescope very kindly donated by Mr & Mrs Mellor will get plenty of use pointing at clear dark skies during future CAG events.

The above photo shows the telescope in it's newly constructed Dobsonian mount (thanks to Secretary Alan Kennedy for all the effort put in constructing the mount - he's done a fantastic job). Alongside the scope at a recent CAG event are Prof Cameron (St Andrews Univ) and Alan Kennedy (right).

As well as the chance to do some observing at the Castlehill Heritage Centre Dark Sky site (weather permitting), the following demos/ workshops/ activities have been arranged for CAG members on two evenings this autumn:

21st Sept: 7-10pm
- how dark is your sky? - estimating the naked eye limiting magnitude
- autumn objects to observe with binoculars and telescopes
- basic astrophotography with a camera and tripod  - bring along your own equipment to give it a try!
- "When will I be able to see the Northern Lights?" - a short guide to increase your chances of seeing nature's great light show

26th October: 7-10pm
- Io transit of Jupiter observations (~7-8pm weather permitting)
- Telescope setup demo - 8" SCT on GOTO mount
- Navigating the night sky - how to find what you're looking for using star charts, planispheres etc
- Observing & photographing the Moon -  bring along your own equipment to give it a try!
- Extrasolar Planets - what naked eye stars are thought to have stars orbiting them?
- Free software available for amateur astronomers to use

Note: Workshop content is subject to change depending on weather and how much interest there is on particular topics on the night.

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