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14 April 2018“Listening to Einstein’s Universe: The Dawn of Gravitational-Wave Astronomy”

Gravitational waves are the ripples in spacetime predicted more than a century ago by Albert Einstein and produced by the most violent events in the cosmos: exploding stars, colliding black holes, even the Big Bang itself.

Join University of Glasgow astronomer Professor Martin Hendry MBE as he tells the inside story of how gravitational waves were detected for the very first time, by the most sensitive scientific instruments ever built.  Learn about the amazing technology behind these discoveries and very bright future that lies ahead for this exciting new field.


25 March 2018To Pluto & Beyond


01 March 2018"Lochaber to the Cosmos"

This first public event of 2018 for CAG will be in conjunction with the Caithness Science Festival.......

A summary of the talk by Dr MacKinnon is as follows......

For 21 years at the end of the 19th century Scotland's meteorologists maintained a manned presence on the summit of Ben Nevis. A short stay there in 1894 provided the impetus that eventually led the CTR Wilson to the 1927 Nobel Prize in Physics – the first Scot to gain this honour. We'll briefly recount the dramatic history of the Ben Nevis Observatory before looking at Wilson's invention of the cloud chamber and his role at the beginnings of the study of radiation from space: so-called “cosmic rays”. Cosmic ray science remains a vital, fundamental topic and we conclude with a look at some exciting discoveries of recent years.



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