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14 April 2018“Listening to Einstein’s Universe: The Dawn of Gravitational-Wave Astronomy”

Gravitational waves are the ripples in spacetime predicted more than a century ago by Albert Einstein and produced by the most violent events in the cosmos: exploding stars, colliding black holes, even the Big Bang itself.

Join University of Glasgow astronomer Professor Martin Hendry MBE as he tells the inside story of how gravitational waves were detected for the very first time, by the most sensitive scientific instruments ever built.  Learn about the amazing technology behind these discoveries and very bright future that lies ahead for this exciting new field.


13 April 2018Observing and Imaging Equipment Night

Come along to Castlehill Heritage Centre at 7pm on the 18th May to see and learn about a selection of observing & imaging equipment, and get advice on setting up and using your own telescope etc.

Limited Spaces - Non-members must book attendance in advance



25 March 2018To Pluto & Beyond


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