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 Tom Jones
Just Help Yourself



Vernon Hopkins


What a gem of a book. Vernon Hopkins has taken nostalgia and given it a whole new spectrum. I lived through the swinging sixties and never knew what all the fuss was about until reading his fast moving, action packed thriller of a book, “Just Help Yourself- Tom Jones”

I lived through it but Vernon was THERE.

NOSTALGIA with a capital hits you in places that you had forgotten existed. The names of the groups come flooding back and with them their music.

Being totally honest I was never a huge fan of Tom Jones and after reading Vernon’s writings know why, because all the groups who really floated my boat were there, Manfred Mann,. The Who, Jethro Tull, even Hendrix himself.

This book has epitomised my era and the era of millions out there who were a part of that great music movement. The time when music became a god and the young became important.

In the place where I now am, with all those years behind me and on the cusp of the internet and communication revolution, I am privileged to see in Vernon’s book the people behind every star,  behind the hype.


There are armies of people who make each star and those armies should get their just desserts.

The man that Vernon Hopkins is shines through the factual and breathtaking journey he undertook, related in this book where his Welsh valley roots and nature shine through. He brings back to life those who are no longer with us and speaks for them.

Stardom comes at a price. Any star has a lot of people to thank; those people who managed to live through it, see it all and keep their dignity, are the towers of strength stardom uses up.

Vernon Hopkins is one such man, he was THERE, he lived it and he has survived to tell the tale as it really was.

A must read for anyone who lived the swinging sixties and for all those who must be kicking themselves for being born at the wrong time.

Lindsey Wallace

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