Right To Roam…. From ‘Emergence’ Magazine….

by Bernie Bell - 09:24 on 20 February 2024


Right To Roam….


I’ve been publicizing this in m’blog…..now it’s happened!....



From ‘Emergence’ Magazine….


“Life fades into nonlife so gradually that it’s actually hard to locate a border, let alone police one.” — Merlin Sheldrake

“What are the bounds of a self? Is a single redwood in a forest separate from its fellow beings, from the ferns and bats that inhabit its branches, the mycelial web underfoot? What about the lichen encrusting its bark, itself a composite of algal cells living among fungal filaments? Can we imagine a subjectivity for the wider forest ecosystem, the collection of selves that make it up? How might we define these entities’ agencies, interests, or rights? 

This week, we’re featuring conversations with author and mycologist Merlin Sheldrake, cultural ecologist David Abram, and creative director Barney Steel of Marshmallow Laser Feast on the nature of intelligence and the possibilities within community in the more-than-human web of life.

Honoring the Wild Proliferation of Earthly Perspectives

with Merlin Sheldrake and David Abram

In this conversation, cultural ecologist David Abram and mycologist Merlin Sheldrake explore the many kinds of selves that make up our world and reimagine the frameworks through which we define their rights and well-being. Published in partnership with the More Than Human Rights (MOTH) Project, Merlin and David’s discussion ventures past the realm of the known, entering a playful space of possibility that recognizes the inseparability of the fluxing multitudes that compose—and decompose—the biosphere.



Mycelial Landscapes

A Conversation with Merlin Sheldrake and Barney Steel

Recorded live at our Shifting Landscapes exhibition in London last December, this conversation between renowned mycologist and author Merlin Sheldrake, creative director Barney Steel of the acclaimed art collective Marshmallow Laser Feast, and Emergence Magazine executive editor Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, explores the mycelial webs that infiltrate and sustain our landscapes. Embracing mystery, wonder, and community, they discuss how the relational phenomenon of fungi could soften the imagined boundaries between our bodies and the great biosphere.“



My tuppenceworths…..

In m’blog of 29th of November ’23 – I wrote…

“That’s The Way To Do It….

I’ll quote at some length from  ‘Entangled Life’ by Merlin Sheldrake…


……….and hope he doesn’t mind….

The partnership between Macrotermes and their fungi has even been weaponised by humans for radical political causes.  In the early twentieth century in coastal west Africa, locals secretly released termites in the military outpost of a colonising French army. Driven by the voracious appetites of their fungal partners, the termites destroyed the buildings and chewed up the bureaucrats’ papers.  The French garrison quickly abandoned their post.”

Not a shot was fired….no one was hurt……and yet…..RESULT!



The clue is in the title…



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