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by Bernie Bell - 07:33 on 22 June 2024



On our window-sill we have a picture of one of Robinson RR’s  boat sculptures, flanked by two of the ’stick people’ from his sculptures, which we found at the Sands o’ Wright….


Mike noticed the juxtaposition/irony of the big Liner moored across the bay, fitting neatly in-between Robinson’s stick people, and he took a picture…..

Words not really needed….


Now Is The Time…


In the run-up to the General Election ‘The Orkney News’ is running a series covering what the different political parties are presenting as their policies. The piece about refugees particularly caught my attention…


Friday morning in the post we received a ‘flyer’ from The Ferengi’s  Reform Party.  If you’ve seen it – you’ve seen what he’s presenting as ‘policies’. 

I honestly don’t understand how he gets away with saying and publishing those attitudes towards fellow human beings.

I won’t go on about it – if you’ve seen it you’ll know what I mean.  It beggars belief.

Why do I refer to him as The Ferengi? …..  https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Ferengi


As for the Tories attitude to fellow human beings – I’ve written of that previously….



…and on numerous other occasions, as readers of my blog and The Orkney News will be aware.

Now is the time to put an end to inhumanity in Leadership – if we can.


The Cairns….






They’ve been uncovering the site and are gearing up to get diggin’…



To bring folk up to date with the dig so far…






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