Number 10…..Loyalty/Membership Cards….The Odin Stone….

by Bernie Bell - 07:10 on 28 May 2024


Number 10…..

An American chum commented that he's jealous of the fact that our Election campaign only lasts 6 weeks.

I replied...

"Six weeks is quite long enough to have concentrated bull-shit coming at us from all sides! The telly is full of either people standing outside number 10 saying the same things, or simply a camera trained on Number 10. Just - an image of Number 10 – seriously, like they expect something marvellous to happen – though Mr Sunak’s ‘singing in the rain’ was worth it – did you see that?

My piece about Number 10 – and those who tend to inhabit it…




Loyalty/Membership Cards….


I hadn’t written a ‘Contradictions’ piece for some time, then someone read one of my previous ones…


…and asked did I have one about Loyalty Cards, saying…

“Have you got anything on loyalty cards…taxes on us all that don’t want to carry a wallet full of them, just for the occasional purchase.”

It was something I’d never thought about - my life isn’t such that I have a purse bursting with Loyalty Cards. Then I thought – does it matter if they cause an unfair imbalance in pricing?  Then I thought, it’s not a major issue, but it could be seen to be a sneaky little way in which we are controlled, and the way in which we spend our money is controlled.

I then thought about how being a Member of an organization can mean reduced prices on goods from their shops.  That’s fair enough, as the reduced price doesn’t relate to the full price in the same way, as the money flows within the finances of the organization, presumably for the benefit of all Members.

It’s a convoluted issue.  I do have quite a few Membership cards, most of which I don’t use as I don’t go anywhere much.  I’m a Member because I want to support the organization and don’t seek to ‘profit’ from that in any way. 

I suppose that’s the main difference  - I become a Member, to support an organization – usually a charity such as the WWF, RSPB, Historic Scotland, Orkney Archaeology Society.  Loyalty cards are purely so that the person with the card gets the benefits, possibly at the cost of those without a Loyalty Card.

I actually dislike it when I’m offered preferential ‘Members only’ treatment, as that is exclusive and I dislike exclusivity.

I’m tying myself in knots here – just some thoughts, prompted by a question -  which also prompted a ‘Contradictions’ piece…


Loyalty Cards

Bring Benefits

To those

Who have them


While increasing

The cost

For those

Who don’t


A Tax

Which does

The opposite

Of what a tax

Is supposed to do.




BB May ‘24


The Odin Stone…

Sigurd Towrie, once again, has put together a very thorough piece – this time covering the varied areas of interest relating to the Odin Stone…


On the subject of pairs  of stones – here’s my tuppenceworth about a ‘twin ‘ to the Watchstone…….



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