Wuthering Heights…. Shivering  Andrew.... Ancient Balls….

by Bernie Bell - 10:10 on 25 February 2023

Wuthering Heights….

We watched a television programme which showed an original video of Kate Bush singing ’Wuthering Heights’ – the one with the floaty red dress.  It also showed a clip of a gathering of Kate Bush fans who put on red dresses and long dark wigs - including beardy-blokes in red dresses and long dark wigs – meet in a park and sing and dance to  ‘Wuthering  Heights’…..


I think this is a sweet, wonderful thing to do.  People can be so horrible – and they can also be bloody lovely.  I’m going to watch this film any time I feel glum, then I’ll be…. “Runnin’ up that hill – with no problems”…..

I’m now imagining this happening at the Stones of Stenness – folk in long red dresses,  dancing and singing… “Let me grab your soul away”.  Picture it….

This got me thinking that I haven’t read ‘Wuthering Heights’ for a very long time.  I remember when we ‘did’ it in school, and we had an Irish nun taking us for English Lit. who read out sections from the book in a truly execrable Yorkshire accent.  This was Bradford – she was facing a room of people with Yorkshire accents – she shouldn’t have done it.  She didn’t put me off though – I read it myself in my own time - and went to Haworth.

One thing that caught my imagination there was…there’s an alley-way with houses along one side and the other side of the alleyway is formed by the high wall of the old churchyard.   I thought -  just the other side of that wall, are the dead folk.  Near enough to appear …. ‘So cold at your window.’

I went to the bookshelf, found our copy of ‘Wuthering Heights’, and that will be my next read after ‘Cannery Row.’ 

I like to read different genres of writing from different times, following on from each other if possible.  Can’t get more different than John Steinbeck and Emily Brontë  - except they’re both humans, observing humans.


Shivering  Andrew....

The latest on Andrew Appleby’s sea-swim challenge….


Which reminds me of when we met a Selkie woman at Aikerness…..


Hardy folk!


Ancient Balls….

I have a mild obsession with ancient carved stone balls….


But ancient clay balls are also of interest ….


Some years ago Mike and I went on an Orkney Heritage Society trip to Eynhallow …..  https://theorkneynews.scot/2017/05/11/bernie-bell-orkney-walks-with-stories-eynhallow-to-canada/  where, on the beach, I found a small plastic fishing float.

On the ferry coming back I said to an archaeologist…. “Look what I found” and held out the object in the palm of my hand - her eyes lit up - I handed it to her, she found that it was plastic – and laughed.

It’s now on our bookshelf, in good company, in front of the ‘Orkney’ section….


Here’s one I made earlier…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2020/06/10/grayson-perrys-art-club-home/



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