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Fact! They will go down with the very poor Redbridge and in my opinion Heybridge Swifts
Waltham Abbey can pick up points against Redbridge and the Swifts
Posted by in_the_know on 30 March 2016
The reason Flanagan left the Oakside, it was because he was bouncing cheques from here to timbuckto!
The then Chairman had enough of it and told him to leave with was funny because soon after this he left leaving Jim Chapman to once again pick up the pieces.
The reason they have moved to Ilford? perhaps Flanagan feels the Secretary at Ilford who used to print the bside matchday programmes will be more of a push over than the ex redbridge chairman.
Posted by in_the_know on 18 October 2014
Actually the real reason Barkingside left Oakside was because they couldn't afford the rent increase by Redbridge Fc, with the Increased rent by the Council and lack of attendance money coming in Redbridge increased the rent to an amount that Barkingside couldn't afford, so they decided to leave Oakside and move to Cricklefields where they could afford the rent there.

Now Newbury Forest play at Oakside, not sure if its a success, ie crowds bar making money, but least Redbridge Fc have tenants who can help them with the cost of running Oakside.
Posted by Johnno on 12 March 2015
There had to be a reason why Barkingside left Oakside after so many years. Bouncing cheques sounds feasible.
Posted by Barkingside ex-fan on 14 March 2015
Basically Flanagan was taking the programmes from the opposing club and not giving the other club Millwall's programmes in exchange.So basically making money from the clubs Millwall were playing.
He also has performed lots of lotterys at Barkingside FC without the actual draw being shown, which I personally feel should be looked into
Posted by MiLLwAlL DeN on 18 October 2014
matt frew
Time for frew to go out of his depth has cost the club this season
Posted by shrewd 1 on 23 March 2014
This Season
how are the Barkingside fans feeling about this season?
Posted by ilford home and away on 19 August 2013
money to burn?
Posted on 07 October 2012
FA Cup Drubbing
Posted on 15 August 2012
No Title
Posted on 23 April 2012
Happy Christmas and New Year
Posted on 28 December 2011
Tony Fenn
Posted on 16 October 2011
No Title
Posted on 02 October 2011
Manager takes shovel to his players
Posted on 02 October 2011
John Taylor
Posted on 30 September 2011
No Title
Posted on 29 September 2011
cheers tony
Posted on 27 September 2011
side out of cups!
Posted on 27 September 2011
Manager Punches Player
Posted on 26 September 2011
Manager Keeps It In The Family
Posted on 19 September 2011
No Title
Posted on 15 September 2011
feen and general
Posted on 15 September 2011
So now we know!!!
Posted on 08 September 2011
Matt & John keep it in the Family
Posted on 05 September 2011
What Good Was Fenny?
Posted on 04 September 2011
Posted on 31 August 2011
Its All Kicking Off
Posted on 30 August 2011
flanagan angry
Posted on 30 August 2011
Tony Fenn has to go
Posted on 22 August 2011
whats the point?
Posted on 21 August 2011
Posted on 21 August 2011
side crash out of cup
Posted on 21 August 2011
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