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The Outseats protest group set up just a few months ago, has gone from strength to strength. It's success is shown by the number of people who signed the petition, 448 signatures,collected and handed into AVBC, in just a couple of weeks. There is a feeling that they have been surprised at the sheer  number of objections made. This pressure needs to be kept up but help and money is needed. 

The protest organisation is working with only six people doing the work. It is under funded and without donations carrying on will be very difficult.

So far only three people have made a donation but that hasn't been enough even to cover the money already spent. Money is needed now. Sooner or later money may be needed, depending on what residents want to happen. If money is needed the organisation could fail in its objective.

Unfortunately money is not growing on the Outseats trees. Contributions are needed to cover immediate costs. So contact us on our e-mail address nohomes@talktalk.net and offer a donation or leave your phone number or a way that we can contact you.

There are a number of projects in the background, which need to be started. A lot of the hard work has been done on getting in objections, however,  volunteers are needed to help for just a short time or on the odd occasion. Good will runs out some time. People are needed who may be prepared to take on a specific job e.g. Organising leaflet distribution or Helping with a Wild Life Survey, etc. if you can help with anything, contact  nohomes@talktalk.net

One final point. A number of you have given e-mail address that have turned out to be incorrect. If you read this and should have been getting e-mails but have not this is the reason.

Many thanks.   The  Outseats Team.   
www.spanglefish.com/alfretonsos           savingourfields@talktalk.net

I would like to thank "ambervalley S O S " who have provided and are still providing invaluable assistance in getting "alfretonsos" started.

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