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Welcome to Alfretonsos

...this website has been set up by a group of individuals dedicated to keeping some greenfield areas in Alfreton open for leisure and recreation.






Wheeldon Brothers, through their agents Capita Symonds have applied to build over 500 houses on land bordered by the A38, Flowery Leys Lane and Mansfield Road, Alfreton. The proposed site is a Green Field site used as a recreational facility by Dog walkers, Ramblers, Horse riders and many others for well over 20 years
There is an ancient pathway through the fields to Carnfield Hall and onto South Normanton. These beautiful fields are the only green fields within Amber Valley that separate Alfreton from South Normanton. Outseats supports a whole variety of wildlife including Foxes, Bats, Pheasants, Grass snakes and a host of bird life including birds of prey and woodpeckers.

We feel that this area should be preserved for the local people to use. It is the only recreational area on the west side of Alfreton, which already has industrial areas to the North and South of the settlement.

Doing nothing will change Alfreton for ever. Once gone it will never be recovered. Join us in helping to see off the proposal to build 520 houses on this Green Field Site.

The proposed build of 520 houses by Wheeldon and their agents Capita Symonds completely ignores the impact on Alfreton and its people. Extra traffic movement from the estate alone will create three to four thousand extra traffic movements per day. The proposed plan is to create a roundabout by the Railway Station on Mansfield Road and a through road from there, exiting onto Nottingham Road via either Flowery Leys Lane or Birchwood Road

The exit from the Industrial estate on Salcombe Road is already a problem for local residents due to heavy traffic exiting from it from 3.00 am onwards. This continues for most of the day, every day. Imagine the addition of a further possible 1000 or more cars exiting onto this new roundabout. All this traffic has to go somewhere. Turning right from the proposed site takes it through South Normanton to J28 (M1/A38) already a bottleneck at rush hour. If traffic turns left it takes it towards the town centre and the existing congestion around the Nottingham Road/Mansfield Road/High Street roundabout at Lidl.

Should cars travel via the other proposed exit into Flowery Leys Lane they would first have to drive by the Leys Junior School, which already is extremely busy at peak periods with cars parked throughout the day at the roadside.  Resident parking is at a premium and this route is always busy. The exit onto Nottingham Road by the “One Stop” shop is very hazardous given current traffic flow and congestion. It is will be far worse in the future given the increased traffic this build would generate.

The second proposal for traffic to pass through onto Birchwood Road is no better. This would exit onto Nottingham Road via Abbott Road and Flowery Leys Lane adding to the major congestion already experienced.

The routes proposed will establish a ‘rat-run’ between Mansfield Road, Nottingham Road and the A38 Slip Roads and the usage is likely to be substantial. These movements are not included in the three to four thousand extra movements calculated by the Highways Authority.

Alfreton already takes an age to traverse due to the traffic lights and other traffic calming measures already in place. It is estimated by Derbyshire County Highways that there is likely to be between 3000 & 4000 additional traffic movements through Alfreton per day.  Capita Symonds have not put any plans in place to cope with this. There are no plans for additional town centre car parking. Alfreton's retail shops are unlikely to benefit from additional sales, Tesco hasn’t a big enough car park as it is. So where will these 1,500 / 1700 people go to shop. Not Alfreton.

The whole proposal is designed to promote the financial interests of developers and speculators.
Amber Valley Council have been in talks with the builders and their agents since February 2011 and yet they have declined to release details of those meetings under Freedom of Information citing Commercial Sensitivity. There you have it; the Council would rather protect their Interests rather than those of the local residents.

Go to our Letter page, you will find letters of protest that you can download, alter if you wish and send off by e-mail to AVBC


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