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The Climate Change Doctrine is Part of Environmentalism, Not of Science

Vaclav Klaus delivers the inaugural lecture of the Global Warming Policy Foundation.


China, 'we don't believe in man made global warming'.

China's official line on man made global warming was the spanner in the machinery at the Copenhagen negotiations on controlling carbon emmissions. In fact, they plan to fulfill their country's future energy needs for the next 25 years with coal fired power stations, and do not see green energy such as solar power or wind turbines as viable alternatives.  It shows the Chinese government as rejecting CAGW in its entirety, believing it a conspiracy between Western governments and business to protect their own way of life, at the expense of the entire developing world—in other words, 80% of the world’s population.

China,- 'we don't believe in man made global warming'. Full article from 'The Daily Telegraph' below.

The low carbon plot. China's official view on man made global warming and green energy alternatives.


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