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Investigating and exploring the hidden agenda, organizations, mechanisms and treaties behind globalization and interdependence, and the move towards 'one world government'. 

 There is no doubt that the European Union is in the process of building a Soviet style Federal European State, which will bring an end to the sovereignty and independence of all its member countries. The push for ever-closer political, monetary and social union between its member nations has been implemented without the consent of the majority of the member nations’ peoples. However, where certain countries have been allowed an election on their EU membership and voted against it, their respective governments, (whether under pressure from the EU board of commissioners or acting unilaterally) have completely ignored the wishes of the electorate. They have either forced another election as in Ireland, and won the second election through bribery, false promises and outright deceit, or granted minor concessions or amendments to justify their governments’ treasonous behavior in their continued integration into the EU. The EU is run by an unelected board of commissioners with an unelected president. A dictatorship in all but name! Through the manipulation of political parties throughout Europe, by only selecting parliamentary candidates that are pro-EU, they have effectively eliminated all major opposition and created a one party state. Czech President Vaclav Klaus (who has always been one of the greatest opponents of the Lisbon Treaty, and was the very last head of state to sign it), voiced his concerns in the European parliament in March 2010, which openly criticized and questioned the socialist ideals and anti-democratic European Parliament. He advocated a free market economy, free from regulation, interference and manipulation by the E.U. as the way forward for sustainable economic recovery for all the member states. Are the Czechs having second thoughts and doubts about their membership of the EU? As the Czechs lived under an oppressive communist regime for many years, are they now seeing parallels to the old regime in the EU? A quote to note from the speech,- “The present decision making system of the European Union is different from a classic parliamentary democracy, tested and proven by history. In a normal parliamentary system, part of the MPs support the government and part support the opposition. In the European parliament, this arrangement has been missing. Here, only one single alternative is being promoted and those who dare thinking about a different option are labeled as enemies of the European integration. Not so long ago, in our part of Europe we lived in a political system that permitted no alternatives and therefore also no parliamentary opposition. It was through this experience that we learned the bitter lesson that with no opposition, there is no freedom. That is why political alternatives must exist”. 'With no opposition there is no freedom', and will also bring an end to democracy.

However, I believe that this is only a part of a global trend. It's not just happening in Europe, but also all around the world. You can see the same patterns emerging in varying degrees of completion in the Americas, Australia, Asia, and Africa.. The same patterns of behavior which led to the founding of the EU can be seen everywhere. Also, the same concerns from the people of the countries involved are being completely ignored by their respective governments. The declarations, documents ant treaties (which are accessable via the 'links' tab) on this website, are proof that events which are unfolding in Britain, Europe (EU) and across the world, were in fact planned and set in motion many years ago. The fact that many successive governments have come and gone, and each one has implemented these declarations and treaties without the knowledge or permission of the electorate, can only be seen as an act of betrayal and treason. People have been shot at dawn for lesser crimes!   When you read documents like 'The Montreux Declaration', 'The Lima Declaration', 'The Treaty of Rome', The Protocols of Zion and the documents and treaties which preceded 'The Lisbon Treaty', you start to realize that there is an all powerful driving force behind all this, which is never spoken of, or wants to show itself. It is an uncomfortable and disconcerting thought that who or whatever drives this process has such power, control and influence over so many countries’ governments, that they can implement such a plan by stealth on a global scale, without the knowledge or consent of the people.
Links to the documents and treaties mentioned above can be found by clicking on ‘Links’ on the left column of this homepage. 

Every effort is made to ensure that the information posted on this site is accurate and true at the time of posting. If anything is proven to be otherwise at a later date, the information will be updated as soon as possible. The information which is accessed through 'links'  is provided by third party websites. Most of these are links to copies of treaties, historical documents and declarations, which exist and are fact. However, these are sometimes accompanied by the third party websites' own views, comments and other information, which 'absolute truth' cannot be responsible for.  



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