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The EU
Thank you for your info.
The more people who become informed about what is really going on, which will and, ideed, is already having, a major effect on their lives, the less chance these would-be Dictators of the NWO will have to further promote their
totalitarian plans to enslave us all.
People will HAVE to get organised and speak with one voice to overcome these political and financial criminals.People have to realise that Freedom isn't FREE!! You HAVE to Fight for it!!
Posted by Spionkop on 02 August 2010
Thankyou for your comment.
The price of freedom. It is not governments that really run countries. It is large organizations like the UN, the big world banking cartels and the people that quietly run these organisations that call the shots, even in the EU. Governments are being manipulated by bribery, or the threat of having financial, humanitarian or military aid withdrawn, which is why they have no choice but to comply with whatever these organizations ask of them. Until people understand the concept of 'one world government', and that the EU is just one part of a bigger picture, the 'Protocols of Zion' will have us all.
Posted by Administrator absolutetruth on 04 August 2010
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