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Half Yearly meeting - 17th May 2022

Issues discussed:- 

Problems re rubbish from the flats above Westerham shops

Foliage needs to be cut back from Aylward School and allotments on A10

Charity - Ubele Initiative who has leased the Pasteur Gardens field from Haringey undertaking the mammoth task of clearing this area

Enforcement generally not very effective

Rough sleepers in Hermitage Lane appear to have moved on

Discussions re possible change of venue for public meetings and also day/time


Westerham subway very dirty

Support for the 456 bus

One way system in Bull Lane (access only from Sterling Way) for 22 weeks for roadworks.  Exit via Gloucester Road

State of alleyway between Windmill Road and Keston Close

Adrian asked for volunteers for Committee positions and thanked those who had volunteered to become area reps



TFL issues

Safety rail replaced in Chequers Way by Ostliffe Road by but flooding in Munster Gardens subway still being investigated

Plants replaced in beds by Winsford Terrace

All lights now working in A10/A406 subway but brickwork still to be replaced on the East side

Improvements to the Pasteur Gardens/Wilbury Way junction being looked into







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