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Family Records

Generally speaking, upon a death, any family records held by the ceceased are either destroyed, or passed to the eldest son, or the nearest relative (either biological or geographical), or the person "clearing up".

In this family, the "head" of the family was 11111111 Rt. Rev. Henry Handley Vully de Candole, who died childless in 1971, and it seems that "everything he had" then passed to his widow and thence to HER family - or was destroyed.  His nearest relative was his father's younger brother (Armar)'s son 11111121 Eric, whose "papers" passed to his son John - whose contribution is recognised - Thank you !

But obviously there are Cadet branches with their own records, and again, when the third and youngest brother, JACVdeC had died in 1917, all is "family stuff" remained with his widow until she died in 1963.  Her eldest son Corry de C was in Canada, her second son Charles was


her third son Donald was in New Zealand, so it was her daughter - her "forceful daughter" - who "took care of things"; her elder two boys were in America, so when SHE died, the de Candole "stuff" went to her youngest son, in England - a keen "family historian" from whom much on this Website came - and HIS widow is now the careful guardian, very generous with access.  But their daughter married a de Candole, so the circle has turned !



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