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Security printing

Security printers have always tried to be one step ahead of the forger, seeking ways to make their product more complex, more sophisticated, more secure.  Originally this would have been simply through the design work, water marks, metal strips in bank notes, and etc.  All would hopefully deter the forger from the effort or cause him to make more easily detected mistakes.


The Shares certificates below are all low values and date from the late 1950s through to the early 1970s.  Apart from the amazing edge designs the images in panels at the top give a reassuring solidity to the investor.


Suitable for securely sending money for those without a bank account, although Postal Orders are still available (printed at the Post Office counter on demand to the exact value required), their heyday belongs to an earlier era.  Odd amounts were made up of postage stamps. .  Adverts at the time said they were cashable in 56 countries. 

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