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This is a free Spanglefish 1 website.

Site Charter

1. (I hope) this site is used as an inspiration and resource for social history, art and graphic design.

2. This site is Family Friendly .

No images are included which are likely to offend, however you should be aware that there are images of
Advertising for alcohol and tobacco products;
Gender and ethnic stereotyping;
Pinup art pre 1970 (if ‘a glimpse of stocking is something shocking’ then avoid these but they really are mild).

All images should be viewed in the social history context of the time they first appeared.

‘For Children' has a wide image range including Victorian & Edwardian children at play, characters from children’s books & nursery rhymes, teddy bears & Sooty from UK TV.

3. This site is non- commercial (not for profit), it does not front any shop - high street store - Ebay or other internet store, it is run by a private enthusiast.

4. This site operates on a ‘fair use’ and ‘for educational purposes’ policy for Copyright.

For many items in my collection the time limit on copyright has expired. Tracking copyright whether it has been taken out again by someone else or where it has been passed on where companies no longer exist, certainly in their original form, or where the artist is dead would be difficult. The time to obtain copyright or permission from copyright owners would make getting this site up and running virtually impossible.

The text is my copyright. I credit where I have quoted from others (but I have made notes occasionally in the past and forgotten to record their origin, so there are some lapses for which I apologise).

All images are from prints in my collection. I am using images on the basis of educational and/or fair use purposes. I hope that it is sufficient to acknowledge here all existing copyright. Throughout the site I will also acknowledge specific copyright where possible apologise.

Please feel free to use any material from this site, either text or images, under the same criteria I have placed upon myself, I.e. for educational and/or fair use purposes. But it would be nice for me to be acknowledged by quoting your source.

I understand that I can own the Intellectual Property rights of any images for which copyright is no longer extant. If you are proposing to use anything from here on a commercial basis please contact me first.

Please note that I am not an expert on copyright nor am I a lawyer.

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