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Arden Births in England and Wales

Since 1837, all Births, Marriages and Deaths that occur in England and Wales have beenregistered with the Registrar General, through Registrars in the different Registration Districts.

Registrars are required to submit a Return to the Registrar General every three months. These Returns for England and Wales have (mostly) been scanned and transcribed by volunteers, and the records are available at no charge.  Using the information from that WebSite, Official Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates may be ordered from the Registrar General's office at a nominal charge.  The WebSite explains how.  Sometimes the Certificates hold more information, such as addresses and the names of witnesses, etc.

The births of ARDENs in England and Wales have been collected from those records

ARDEN BIRTHS - 1837-1869
ARDEN BIRTHS - 1870-1899
ARDEN BIRTHS - 1900-1949
ARDEN BIRTHS - 1950-1987


The Scottish records are also available for free, from here.

A large number of Irish BMD records were destroyed by fire in 1922.

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