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Other Ardens

Wikipedia offers the following "notable persons" - whether they are descended from this Tree (and if so, how) is not known.  For more information, click >here< :-

Alice Arden

Annabel Arden (born 1959), British actress, theatre and opera director

Bruce Arden, American computer scientist

Cecil Arden (1894–1989), American opera singer

Charles Noble Arden-Clarke, British colonial administrator

Dale Arden, fictional character

David M. Arden (born 1949), American classical pianist

Don Arden, English music manager, agent, and businessman

Donn Arden, American choreographer

Edward Arden, head of the Arden family, executed in 1583

Edwin Hunter Pendleton Arden, American actor, theatre manager, and playwright

Elizabeth Arden, American cosmetics businesswoman, the founder of a cosmetics company of the same name

Eve Arden, American actress

Jane Arden (disambiguation), several people

Jann Arden, Canadian singer/songwriter

John Arden, English playwright

Mark Arden, British comedian and actor

Mary Arden, mother of William Shakespeare

Mary Arden (actress), US actress

Mary Arden (judge), British judge

Michael Arden, American stage actor, singer, and composer

Richard Pepper Arden, 1st Baron Alvanley

Roy Arden, Canadian photographer

Tom Arden, Australian author

Toni Arden, American singer

William Arden, pseudonyms of the American author Dennis Lynds (1924–2005)

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