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 Minutes of Skye and Lochalsh Running Club Committee Meeting 7:30 Monday 9th January 2012 held at Janice and Paddy’s

Present: Neil Roberts, Janice, Paddy M, Phil

Apologies: Sarah and Paddy Stephenson, Wilma

Minutes of last meeting
Accepted – proposed by Paddy, seconded by Neil.

Glenmore Race Saturday 21st January 2012


Fun Run – register from 10:30am. Race Start: 11:00am

Isle of Skye 10K – register from 11:30. Race Start: 12:00 noon

Trophies and Prizes


Neil to speak to Hugh Campbell. Wilma has woman’s trophy?

Janice to get 6 bottles of wine as prizes for first 3 men and first 3 women

Believe that Scott has some Talisker miniatures left that can be offered to competitors (30+?) Neil to speak to Scott Milne

Fun Run

There are some paper weights left over from the 2010 Half Marathon that can be used as trophies – first primary boy/girl, first secondary girl/boy. Neil to get from Scott and see if can print out labels to go on bottom.

All competitors to be given a certificate showing their time – wording:

Isle of Skye (Glenmore)10k Fun Run

Completed the course in



These can be more or less filled in when people register (can we get someone with nice handwriting to help?) with just the times to be added in after the finish.

Janice to speak to Sarah Ross (ne. Nicolson) about designing and printing out certificates (maybe print 40)

Janice to get some funsize Mars Bars for competitors at finish

Presentation for Fun Run to take place before 10K start (as last year) so kids and families don’t have to hang about.

Scott also has some Scottish Water (?) re-usable water bottles that can be offered to all competitors. Neil to get from Scott.

Setting out Course – Neil to do on the morning (probably helped by Debbie)

Food -  Wilma and Neil will do soup, Phil will do bread rolls.
Wilma has put request for homebaking etc on website.

Coastguard – think it is normally Roddy who has organised this – Janice to try to speak to Sandra on Wednesday evening

Police - Neil to contact

Water for course and finish – Neil and Wilma have supply

Posters – Neil to put up in Secondary School, Sarah Ross to be asked to distribute to Primary Schools (NB who is doing them– do we have template from previous years?)

Notice in WHFP - Phil to write something, check out with others at meeting and email to Keith. NB Isle of Skye 10K (Glenmore Run)

Meal at Caley Saturday evening – 7 for 7:30pm. Paddy Stephenson to book (?). Names to Paddy Stephenson.

Can discuss course, etc for next race (Glenbrittle 25th Feb) at meal

AOCB    No!

Next Meeting – discuss at meal

Minutes of Skye and Lochalsh Running Club Committee Meeting 7:30
Tuesday 25th October 2011 held at Janice and Paddy’s
Present: Wilma, Neil Roberts, Janice, Paddy M, Phil, Julie Wyatt (Athletics Scotland)
Apologies: Roddy Beaton, Sarah Ross (ne. Nicolson), Sarah and Paddy Stephenson
Winter Running Series
Dates for the winter running series were agreed:
Kinloch – Saturday 12th November
Braes – Saturday 3rd December
Glenmore – (+ fun run) Saturday 21st Jan
Glenbrittle – Saturday 25th Feb
Sconser (+ fun run) - tbc – Wilma to check date with Neil MacLean
All races to begin at 12 noon with registration from 11:30 am
Kinloch – Paddy Stephenson will set up course (sorry Neil, didn’t pick up message from Paddy ‘til after meeting. Those interested meet up back in Broadford afterwards for lunch/drink at Broadford Hotel.
Braes – Wilma and Neil R to set up. Wilma will approach Hall Committee about hiring Hall. Soup and sandwiches will be available after race as usual – donations from club members and other runners.
Glenmore – Janice to book shinty club for 10 am. Fun run at 11am with registration from 10:30 am. (Janice to liaise with Sarah Ross on Fun Run?)
Paddy M to try to contact Sarah Stephenson re. approaching Forestry Commission about access to forests for Kinloch and Glenbrittle races.
Paddy Stephenson has also offered to set up Glenbrittle.
 Wilma to notify police re. Braes and Glenmore road races (NB we also need to check out Coastguard availability for Glenmore)
It was agreed that we should put an advert in the Free Press for the Winter running series: Wilma to approach Free Press. Need to confirm Sconser date first.
Details to be included: dates, times (including fun runs), adult races age 16+. Entry £3/£1 members. Mention people can join club now for next year and receive reduced price for Kinloch and Braes races.
Winter Running Series Championship points as before – 10,8,6,4,2 points for first five club members in male and female categories.
Wednesday Evenings
There have been some good runs on Wednesday evenings over the last month or two. With the clocks changing this weekend runs from next week will have to be ‘the lights’ in Portree. It was agreed that we should try to keep this going with a club member taking responsibility each week to turn up. Rota for this over next few weeks:
Wed 26th October - Janice
Wed 2nd November – Neil R
Wed 9th November – Janice
Wed 16th November – Wilma
Wed 23rd November – Wilma
Wed 30th November – Phil
If anyone can’t make their date they can ask someone else to swap
The Blog on the Club’s website is being better used and a few people have been putting on reports of runs they have done.
We should all try to use the Blog more and use it as a way of communicating plans for weekend runs over the winter. Also use for car sharing to get to races. Kevin usually updates within 24 hours provided he is about.  
Social Events
It was suggested that we meet for a drink in the evening after the Braes Run on the 3rd December.
Next Meeting:
Monday 9th January 7:30 pm at Wilma’s
Julie Wyatt, Regional Development Manager, Athletics Scotland
At the end of the meeting Julie Wyatt, Athletics Scotland Regional Development Manager for Highlands and Islands, spoke about the structure and workings of Athletics Scotland and how they can support clubs.
There are 6 regional areas in Scotland.
There are 15 affiliated track, field and road running clubs in the Highland and Islands area (including 3 in Western Isles). Of these 10 have junior sections.
Athletics Scotland can offer coaching for endurance, performance, speed and power.
Minutes for Skye and Lochalsh Running Club Meeting,
Wed. 4th May 2011 at Sligachan All Weather Centre
The meeting was preceeded by a run/walk in Glen Sligachan (optional)
Present: Matt, Janice, Neil, Debbie, Wilma, Roddy, Ross, Phil, Sarah
Appologies; the Paddies
Previous Meeting minutes. Proposed by Wilma, seconded by Neil.
Skye Half Marathon (11th June)
Donations from Hotels/cafes
–        Wilma has previously contacted all these herself. Sarah and Roddy agreed to share the job with Wilma this year. Will deliver flyer soon. Contact with a reminder a week before.
(Wilma, Roddy, Sarah)
Janice to help collect food on day (Janice)
Donations from Individuals
Wilma will put a request for donations of food and help on the day on the club website (Wilma)
Sarah will email a request to all members (Sarah)
Also will request for members to help on the Friday night for goody bag packing. Also good to have club recruitment drive at registration – last chance for ½ price race entry!
New Members
We recruited 6 new members at the Braes Run, probably helped by the offer of half price entry to this years Skye ½ Marathon for club members.
Club members also get 10% discount at running shop in Inverness
Discussed having a special out and back run once a month and inviting non-club members to join in. Everyone run out for 20 minutes, then back. Build up from 20 minutes to 25 to 30. Suggestion was to run this last Wed of the month – May, June July. Meet at High School, 6pm tea/coffee and biscuits on offer afterwards.
Ross suggested that if we want to build up the club membership we should look at getting more young people involved. However there are problems in having members under 16 in the club – insurance, police checks etc.
Ross thought we could encourage young people by getting national coaches up to work with them, organising it through the High School. He didn’t feel funding would be an obstacle and would be prepared to look into. (Ross)
There is a running group in the high school already (S1-S6) Tues/Thurs.
Could look at funding something 50/50 with the school
Wilma will contact Athletics Development Officer for North Scotland (Wilma)
Will take place on the evening of the ½ Marathon followed by meal at the Caley Hotel. AGM at 7pm Neil to speak to Caley about booking (15-20 people) (Neil)
Championship winners this year: John Maclean and Janette Tasker
Need to get trophies back from Scott and Fiona
Charity Run
21st May Cancer research sponsored walk/run Suisnish
Mallaig Race has been put on the website
Weekend Trip to Speyside (18th June)
8 places booked
Sarah asked if Roddy could arrange to get the accounts checked – David Meikleham to be approached and to be offered a bottle of wine. (Roddy)
Next meeting
AGM, Saturday 11th June 7pm
Committee Meeting
14.03.11 Wilma’s house
Present: Wilma MacRuary, Neil Roberts,Roddy
Beaton, Phil Dewar
Apologies: Janice and Richard McGuire,Paddy
and Sarah Stevenson.
There was some discussion on the club website
v using Facebook. It was pointed out that not
everyone is on or wants to be on website. Also
content of Club website is monitored by Kevin.
But we need to encourage people to use it more
Wednesday Nights/Club numbers/membership. We
haven’t done very well for numbers though
someone at least has managed to turn up each
week. We could try linking up with other
runners on a Wednesday night. Ross Cowie has
approached Roddy about linking up more with
Lucky2behere. This could encourage more people
to join the Club. Ross has asked if he can come
to our next meeting to discuss this and this
was agreed. Meanwhile Dougie Strachan contacted
Phil just this evening to suggest we should be
linking up more with other runners on Skye and
for instance could put in joint teams at the
Isle of Skye Half Marathon rather than
‘diluting’ the pool of local running talent.
Roddy to invite Ross to next meeting.
The Club has negotiated a half price entry for
this year’s Isle of Skye Half Marathon – which
will save members £7.50 on their £15 club
membership. It was pointed out that if Club
runners do all four of the Winter running
series races organised by the Club they will
save a total of £8 so with the Half Marathon
discount as well their Club membership will
actually save them money. We need to promote
Club membership at last Winter Running Series
race, the postponed Braes Run, on the 26th
March. If people join then and are
planning to do the Half Marathon that
will still save them £9.50 off their
membership fee so they get to join
for £5.50 effectively. Phil to do
flyer/ poster to promote for Braes
There was some discussion as to whether Club
membership should always renew in January or
if people should be able to renew at anytime
during the year as the present arrangement may
discourage people from joining later in the
year. I was decided to keep January renewal
but anyone joining in the autumn could pay a
proportionate amount for remainder of the year.
Wilma to put note in Free Press re. Wednesday nights – could also plug ½ price Half Marathon entry.
Charity Runs
Ian Smart has approached the club to see if
anyone is interested in running Great
Wilderness Challenge for MS Charity.
There is also a Cancer Research walk in May.
Winter Running Series
Sconser Run - went well despite not many of
the regular runners being there. Turn out of
about 20 included quite a lot of new women.
Some regulars didn’t run because they were
doing Inverness Half Marathon on the Sunday. 
Braes Run – 26th March – Wilma has booked the
Hall, will inform the Police and speak to
Keith at the Free Press and will put a request
for food donations on the website.
Registration from 11:30 am. Race at 12 noon.
Soup and sandwiches etc. in Hall afterwards.
Social Weekend
A date was agreed – Weekend of the 18th June –
Friday evening to Sunday. Various suggestions
for venues were made – Plockton, Raasay,
somewhere in Cairgorms; latter seemed to be
preferred. Plan is to book /part book hostel
somewhere; decision on where to be made at
Braes Run; people to pay deposit;
partners/friends welcome to come too.
Wilma to investigate availability of Hostels.
Phil has been sent information about ARC
membership. This would be considerably cheaper
for club than Scottish Athletics. Phil to
discuss with Sarah.
Skye and Lochalsh Sports Council AGM – Phil
has been sent information. Janice usually
attends - pass info to Janice.
Next Meeting
Wednesday 4th May 7:30 at Sligachan Hotel
(all weather centre) with run beforehand
for those interested (meet at 6pm at High
School for carshares to run at Sligachan at
6:20 pm). Those only coming for meeting to
make arrangement to carshare from Portree if
Skye and Lochalsh Running Club
Committee Meeting
17.01.1              Roddy’s house
Present: Wilma MacRuary, Neil Roberts, Janice McGuire, Richard McGuire, Roddy Beaton, Neil Turner, Phil Dewar
Apologies: Sarah Nicolson, Paddy and Sarah Stevenson.
1.       Minutes proposed by Paddy McGuire, seconded by Roddy Beaton.
2.       Winter Series
Braes   postponed due to weather. Re-scheduled for 26th March
            Glenmore 22.01.11 – Shinty Club booked. Police informed. Coastguard lead vehicle
            Janice has trophies and medals for fun run (Wilma has spare medals if needed)
            Action: Janice to get wine for 10k prizes – discussed in future stopping giving prizes for
            Action: Roddy to check Hugh is bringing back Male trophy. 
            Action: Wilma to check that Linda is bringing back Female trophy.
            It was decided not to give medals for 10k - though can put some people off                                               
             Action: Neil R to set up course.
             Action: Wilma to get jackets and has water and cups
             Helpers – there should be plenty people about to help with fun run
             10k - Roddy and Janice available for course (Roddy top station + pref. someone else).                                                                    
             Debbie and Gareth to record times.
            Action: Roddy to ask Ross if he would like to help.
Fun run at 11:00 – register from 10:30.
10k at 12:00 – register from 11:00
            Glenbrittle 19.02.11– normal route not possible due to forest work.
            Action: Paddy Stevenson to check out and measure alternate 10 mile route.
            Action: Wilma and Neil will mark route on day.
            Action: Wilma to contact Carbost Inn to see if they will open for soup etc.
            Sconser 12.03.11 - Neil Maclean organising as usual.
         3.    Social Evening – After Glenmore, Caley booked. More Details on Blog. Wilma taking  
                numbers. Meet at Caley 6:30 for 7pm
4.       Wednesday Nights /club numbers  discussion about low club numbers and people don’t  
        feel they get much for £15 (£9 of this goes for affiliation fee). Neil T suggested training for 
       youngsters but feeling was that our numbers were to low to commit to organising. Phil
      suggested associating ourselves more closely with Lucky2bhere and maybe making this
      our official charity as people may feel divided loyalties (especially as Roddy reported that 
      local MacMillan Nurse group appears to be winding down); however the feeling was that
      this wasn’t the problem.
            It was agreed to re-instate Wednesday evening runs - ‘lights’ at present. Most of those   
            present said they would try to turn up. 
           New time: 6pm at High school – starting from 26th Jan – members (and non-members!)  
           please try to turn out.
           Action: All try to turn out on Wednesday evenings!
5.         Charity Run – Roddy suggested having a social weekend instead this year. Travel to
           bunkhouse somewhere Friday evening. Good run on Sat, meal in evening, short run
           Sunday before coming home earlish. Suggested date – first weekend in June but check
           for clashes with races. People to think about possible locations – maybe east to avoid
           worst of midges.
              Informal meeting after Wed. run on 9th Feb. at 7pm to discuss weekend – and plan 
              Glenbrittle run.
Next meeting: Mon, 14th March. 7:30 at Wilma’s
Committee Meeting
08 11 10
Sarah and Paddy’s house.
Present: Neil R, Paddy S, Paddy McG, Janice, Sarah, Wilma
Apologies: Phil, Fiona, Douglas.
Roddy distributed Royal Bank Lucky2bhere voting form- vote before the end of November!.
1.       Minutes proposed by Paddy McGuire, seconded by Janice McGuire.
2.      Winter Series
Kinloch – went well, well organised and a good turnout of 23 runners.
Braes 04 12 10 – Hall booked
 Action: WM to blog for food requests and inform Police of the event.
            NR to collect large mile markers from Sarah Nicolson).
Glenmore 22 01 11 – Shinty Club booked.
Setting up the course – Glen?/Roddy/Neil R
‘Turn’ for fun run – Janice
Top ‘station’ – to be decided at next race.
Action: JMcG to buy prizes - medals/trophies as required and wine/choc bars. 
              WM to contact Peter Gordon for water and ask Sarah Nicolson if she would be
              Roddy to contact the Coastguard and Police.
Glenbrittle 19 02 11 – Discussion on new course as tree felling on old course. Decided to stay Eynort side, approx 10miles. 
Action : Paddy S to ‘Garmin’ it for next meeting.
3.      Social Evening – After Glenmore, hopefully the Caley. More details on the blog nearer the time.
Action : WM to book Caley
4.       Wednesday Nights Circuits – 7.30 -8.30pm, £2. Some discussion, hopefully these sessions will be well attended.
5.      Jogging Group – Although there are lots of folk running there is no interest in joining the club. Hopefully some of these runners will opt into the Winter Series.
6.      Charity Run – Discussion about which charity to fundraise for. Decision to stay with MacMillan Nurses. Roddy suggested ‘upping the challenge’. A small group will come up with possible routes in time for January meeting.
Action : Paddy S/Neil R/Roddy to get together.
7.      Letters - From D Strachan suggesting %points for all runners. Discussion. Successful scoring system has already been agreed for 2010-11 so continue with status quo this year.  From Fiona MacDonald(Uig) – A Thursday evening running group is meeting in Uig. Contact Fiona for more info(01470542279). Contact from David Knowles enquiring about London marathon entry(club is guaranteed one place). DK must apply on line and Phil will need to contact organisers to say he is to be allocated this place. Phil may need to contact Scottish Athletics re ‘voting numbers’?
8.      Sunday Runs - Some interest. Info will go up on the blog. Suggested dates 21st Nov/19th December?? Discussion on possible locations. 
Action: NR to organise.
 Next meeting: Monday 17th January, 7:30 at Roddy’s
Monday 6th September – held at Phil’s house,

Present: Wilma MacRuary, Neil Roberts, Janice

McGuire, Richard McGuire, Sarah Stephenson, Phil


Apologies: Roddy Beaton, Fiona MacDonald

Apologies to club members not informed of the

meeting. Sarah has now sent me an up-to-date

email contact list for club members!

Club Post Holders

At the AGM in June, Roddy Beaton kindly agreed

to stay on for one more year as Chairperson;

Richard MacGuire stood down as Secretary and

Phil Dewar was elected (slightly under protest!) in his place. Sarah Stephenson kindly agreed to remain as Treasurer.

Club Affiliation

The Club needed to make an urgent decision on

whether to renew its affiliation to Scottish

Athletics. Options discussed were;

1. Remain with Scottish Athletics: fee

would be based on £7 for first claim athletes,

£3 for second claim athletes, no charge for

other (non competing) club members. With

Scottish Athletics race permits, which provide

3rd party liability cover for races, are free.

2. Join Association of Running Clubs (ARC).

Membership costs £55 but permits for races cost

£10 each.

3. Do not affiliate.

After some discussion it was decided to remain

with Scottish Athletics. Although ARC would

probably be a cheaper option there are presently

no Scottish clubs who are members of ARC. Sarah

to send off form and fee.

Affiliation to Skye and Lochalsh Sports Council

It was decided that we would affiliate to this

again. Phil passed part filled in form to Sarah

to complete and send off with cheque for £25.

Running Club Activities

Wednesday evenings

There was discussion as to whether to continue

with Wednesday evening runs. Nobody has been

turning up recently and although it was thought

people might be a slightly more inclined to turn

up to run the ‘lights’ over the winter, it was

felt that numbers are likely to be so few that

the chances of having someone to ‘pace’ with

were somewhat limited.

Wilma suggested setting up circuits in the High

School Gym instead one evening a week. Might

offer something a bit different that other

non-club members might also be interested in –

eg Evelyn Brown’s Jog Scotland Group. Decided

to explore running a 4 week programme between

5:30 and 6:30 pm, possibly tying in to an

evening when people could swim afterwards. Wilma to speak to Scott Milne about gym

availability, borrowing equipment and cost.

Winter Running Series

Basically this is the main thing that the Club

does at present and so it was felt it was

important to put our energy into maintaining


It was decided that although the races would be

open to all, Championship points would only be

awarded to club members. So first club member

would gain 10 points, second club member 8

points etc with a very small token prize for

overall winners (M/F) of each event. Entry fee

to be maintained at £1 for club members and £3

for non-members. Dates were explored and the

following provisional programme suggested:

Achmore Race – Wilma will approach June

Sanderson, Active Schools Co-ordinator for

Lochalsh, to see if she is prepared to organise

this, in which case we will include it in the

programme – otherwise it will not happen.Kinloch Forest Provisional date of Saturday 6th November suggested but Neil would like to check date of Glen Clove ½ Marathon to avoid a clash. Sarah and Paddy Stephenson to organise. (Neil, Sarah)

Braes – 4th December. Wilma and Neil to organise. Club will provide food in village hall as usual. Wilma to check availability of hall. (Wilma)

Glenmore – 22nd January (Janice to check

availability of Shinty Club).  

10K Usual trophies for winners and bottles of

wine for first three M/F. Also Run-4-it to be

approached for goody bag. Prizes for first M/F.

No medals for adult runners.Fun Run medals for

all runners. Trophies for first M/F in two age

categories – primary and secondary (to age 16).

Glenbrittle (or somewhere else close-by if

forest track not available) 19th February Janice to do timings, Neil to set up course.

Sarah will check availability with Forestry

Commision as she will be speaking to about

FC re Kinloch Forest run anyway.

Sconser (Moll 10k) Wilma to check race is going

ahead and the date with Neil MacLean.

There was some discussion as to whether a

Children’s running series was viable and

whether Sarah Nicolson should be approached to

see if she wanted to organise this.


Sunday Runs – Neil suggested a series of

informal Sunday runs, once a month in between

the races. Neil to look at locations and dates

and to put on website.

Summer running series? It was suggested that

there could be a summer running series for club

members – comprising the existing summer race

programme ie Dunvegan 10k, Skye ½ marathon,

Quaraing 10k, Skye Bridge 10k – plus possibly

an additional race to be organised by the club.

It was agreed that we could discuss this again

at a later meeting.

Next Meeting

Monday 8th November, 7:30 pm at Sarah andPaddy’s.  

Committee meeting – 10 May 2010, Roddy’s house
Present –Janice McGuire, Neil Roberts, Wilma
MacRuary, Glenn Edge, Sarah Stephenson, Roddy
Apologies – James Stephenson, Paddy McGuire,
Phil Dewar, Helen Webster
Minutes of last meeting: proposed Wilma,
seconded Sarah.
Winter series: well attended yet again.
Treasurer’s report: David Meikleham will audit
the accounts (Roddy will give him a bottle of
whisky from the Club as thanks). We need a
receipt for our Sports Council affiliation fee
– Wilma to email Peter Gordon. Cheque from Club
to Coastguard for help at Glenmore 2009 has
never been cashed so Sarah will write another
cheque and Roddy will follow up with the
Wednesday runs: time to be kept at 5.15pm.
Roddy will approach Evelyn Brown about Club
members who cannot manage 5.15pm running with
her group at 6pm.
Run 4 It, Inverness: we received an email from
Run 4 It, Inverness which Wilma will forward
to Sarah for distribution to members.
AGM: this will be on the evening of the Skye
half marathon, Saturday 12 June, at the Caley,
with the AGM at 7pm and the meal at 7.30pm.
Nominations for Most Improved Runner were
discussed. Sarah will arrange for the return
of trophies from existing holders and email
info about the meal to members as well as
advertising the AGM in the Free Press.
AOCB: Wilma gave an update on half marathon
meetings / arrangements.
Sarah, James, Janice and Paddy will look into
the Association of Running Clubs as an
alternative to affiliating to Scottish
Athletics and report back to the next meeting.
Annual General Meeting – 12 June 2010, Caledonian
Hotel, 7pm
Present – Sue and Glenn Edge, Neil and Debbie Roberts,
Wilma MacRuary, Sandra and Roddy Beaton, Charlie and
Gregor Maclennan, Rachel Jones, Fiona Macdonald, Linda
and Scott Kennedy, Sarah and James Stephenson, Phil
Dewar, Helen and Paul Webster, Graham and Elspeth Sage,
Janice and Paddy McGuire
Apologies – David Knowles
Chairman’s report: Roddy thanked members for
their support during his illness in the past year.
With membership at only 21 we really need to
attempt to grow our numbers and to this end we
are investigating links with Evelyn Brown’s group.
The winter series was generally successful.
Roddy thanked the Committee for their work over
the year and gave special thanks and a gift from
the Club to Helen Webster who has moved away from
the island.
Minutes of the previous meeting: adoption was
proposed by Neil Roberts and seconded by Sarah
Treasurer’s report: Sarah gave out copies of the
accounts showing a balance of just over £1000 and
a donation to Macmillan Cancer Support of almost
£2200. The Chairman thanked Sarah for her work
over the year.
Election of office bearers:
Chairman – Roddy Beaton – proposed Wilma MacRuary,
seconded Janice McGuire
Vice Chair – Glenn Edge – proposed Janice McGuire,
seconded Paddy McGuire
Secretary – Phil Dewar – proposed Roddy Beaton,
seconded Neil Roberts
Treasurer – Sarah Stephenson – proposed James
Stephenson, seconded Roddy Beaton
Welfare Officer – James Stephenson – proposed
Glenn Edge, seconded Sarah Stephenson
PR – Scott Kennedy – proposed Linda Kennedy,
seconded Roddy Beaton
It was agreed that any remaining Club members
were also members of the Committee.
AOCB: Scott suggested that we need to make more
use of the website to keep it active by
individually posting about races completed,
suggested runs etc. The possibility of a Club
site on Facebook will also be investigated.
There was some discussion about the awarding of
points to non-Club members for the winter series
since this is also how the Club championship is
decided. The structure will be examined over the
next few committee meetings.
Affiliation to Scottish Athletics / ARC will also
be considered by the Committee.
Club prizes: Club champions were Scott Kennedy
and Fiona Macdonald, Most Improved Runner went
to Linda Kennedy and the Chairman’s award for
services to the Club went to Sarah Stephenson.
Committee meeting – 25 January 2010, Paddy and
Janice’s house
Present –Janice McGuire, Paddy McGuire,
Neil Roberts, Wilma MacRuary, Sarah
Nicolson, Sarah Kay, Helen Webster
Apologies – James Stephenson,
Roddy Beaton, Phil Dewar
Glenmore run: it was agreed to drop the planned
Leallt run on 20 Feb, restrict the winter series
to just four events for this year only, and
reschedule the Glenmore run for that date.
Various tasks for the day were parcelled out
/ volunteered for. It is proposed to have a
social night out after the Glenmore run, 6.30
for 7pm, probably at the Caley – confirmed
details will appear on the website.
AOCB: Wilma asked if the Club would be willing
to sponsor water and apples for an indoor
athletics day at PHS on 24 Feb involving approx.
100 P5 pupils with secondary pupils helping.
Cost would be around £50. Agreed.
There will be a meeting of the Skye half marathon
committee at PHS on 26 January at 7pm.
The AGM will be on the evening of the Skye half
marathon, combined with a meal and presentation
of the year’s prizes.
It was suggested we might run some sort of Sports
Relief event in late March, possibly on a normal
Wednesday Club night. More discussion to follow.
Committee meeting – 21 December 2009,
Wilma’s house
Present –Janice McGuire, Paddy McGuire,
Neil Roberts, Wilma MacRuary, Sarah Nicolson
Apologies –Sarah Kay, James Stephenson, Roddy
Beaton, Phil Dewar, Fiona Macdonald
Glenmore run: it was agreed to move the Junior
run forward to 10.45am to avoid a clash with
Sarah Nicolson’s later (12 midday) basketball
event. Adult event 12 as usual and registration
from 10.15am (fun run) and 11.30am (10k).
Under 8 year olds in the fun run must be
accompanied by an adult and the 10k is only open
to those aged 16 and over. The shinty club,
including the kitchen, is already booked and the
various other organizational tasks were parcelled
out / volunteered for (setting out the course,
marshalling, timing, providing food etc). It was
decided that only the fun runners would get
medals though adults could request medals if they
really wanted them. 
Trophies: the various cups / shields required for
the 2009 Junior Series and the Glenmore 2010 fun
run were selected from catalogues from Jansvans
and the engraving decided on. 
AOCB: given the limited time available a decision
was made to replace the Glenbrittle run (venue
doubtful because of possible tree felling) for
this year with a run from Leallt to Loch Cuithir
and back since this is all off road and therefore
requires minimal organization / marshalling but,
from a safety point of view, is all driveable.
Distance is around 7 miles, the date is 20
February 2010, there is no Junior event and
registration is 11.30am as usual in the Leallt
car park for a midday start.
Social event: our Xmas night out will be the
evening of the Leallt run, probably at the Caley
as usual if we can get the dining room, details
to follow later.
Committe Meeting, Sept 2009
Janice and Paddy’s house
Present –Janice McGuire, Paddy McGuire, Neil

Roberts, Wilma MacRuary, Irene Deplano,

Helen Webster, Fiona Macdonald

Apologies –Sarah Kay, James Stephenson,Roddy Beaton, Phil Dewar

Winter series: June Sanderson will not be

organizing an Achmore run this year due to the

low turnout of children at the last one so it

was decided not to attempt to add an extra south end

run this season but to just go ahead with our

usual five events. These were allocated as follows

(organizers in brackets):

Kinloch – Nov 7 (James/Sarah),

Braes – Dec 5 (Neil/Wilma),

Glenmore – Jan 16 (discuss at next meeting),

Glenbrittle – Feb 20 (Helen),

Sconser – Wilma to contact Neil Maclean for date.

Entry and other details as last year.

Sarah Nicolson to be informed to avoid

possible clashes between junior fun runs

and school events. Last year’s junior series

prizes have not been awarded yet – very low

numbers in any case – so Janice and Wilma will

chase up results from Neil Maclean, Sarah Kay

and Sarah Nicolson to allow this to go ahead.

Due to the poor numbers it was decided not to

have a junior series this year but the Club

will provide junior prizes for Glenmore.

Weekly club nights: these were discussed at

length and it was decided to try the earlier

time of 5.15pm for four weeks from 28 October,

meeting at PHS as usual and open to all

not just Club members) to see if this might

attract more runners. Various people will take

down the existing posters as soon as possible

and Wilma will see to replacements while Helen

will put the details into the WHFP Criomagan.


AOCB: it was decided to restart the programme of weekend runs on
either a Saturday or Sunday, starting after the school October holidays
with a run from Leallt car park on Sunday 1 November, meeting either
there at 10am or at PHS car park at 9.30am for anyone wanting to car
share from Portree
Committee meeting – 20 April
2009, Roddy’s house
Present –Janice McGuire, Paddy McGuire,
Neil Roberts, Roddy Beaton, Wilma
MacRuary, Phil Dewar
Apologies – Helen Webster, Sarah Kay,
James Stephenson, Glenn Edge
AGM: this will be held at 8pm on Wednesday 6 May in the
Sligachan Hotel and will be preceded by a run from the
hotel starting at 6.30pm. Anyone wanting to car share
should meet at PHS at 6.15pm for the run and at 7.45pm
for the AGM only. Roddy will speak to the hotel
Charity run: this was discussed at length and various
tasks parcelled out. We have approx. 12 definites so far
with 3 or 4 more to check and Wilma’s contacts with
CalMac seem to be positive in terms of getting
free/reduced ferry travel for the bus. Plan is to start
from the square in Portree at 10.45am, to put a press
release out to WHFP, P and J, Stornoway Gazette and Oban
Times and to have regular updates of progress on Cuillin
fm. Macmillan have organized banners, collecting tins,
T shirts and sponsor forms. Janice has agreed to keep a
log of times, distances and runners’ names for each leg.
Members taking part should bring their own food and drink
but reflective vests etc will be provided.
AOCB: Janice has agreed to be the Club’s representative
on the local Sports Council.
We will make the presentation of trophies at the Club’s
usual social after the Skye half marathon, hopefully in
the Caley if we can book it in advance.
Next meeting: AGM


Committee meeting – 9 March
2009, Wilma’s house
Present –Janice McGuire, Paddy McGuire,
Sarah Kay, James Stephenson,
Neil Roberts, Roddy Beaton,
Wilma MacRuary, Phil Dewar,
Glenn Edge
Apologies – Helen Webster
Minutes of last meeting: proposed Wilma MacRuary,
seconded Roddy Beaton.
Matters arising: the Club accounts have been
The committee were unanimous on their choice of
most improved runner in the Club.
Winter series: the senior event was judged to
have gone well with numbers only slightly lower
than last year. Next year’s Glenbrittle race
will be timetabled to miss the schools’ mid
term weekend. There was some discussion of the
low turnout for the junior series but in the end
it was decided to reassess the event at the end
of the season.
Charity run: confirmed as 5 June. Macmillan
banners, buckets and sponsor sheets (with Gift
Aid facility) have been organised. We have 12
definite runners at present and the Portree PS
minibus has been booked at 25p/mile. Wilma has
contacted Macbrayne re free passage and should
have some information by the end of this week.
AOCB: It was agreed that we should hold the AGM
on Sat 18 April, in the Caley at 7pm, with a
meal to follow at 7.45pm.
The Skye half marathon has been verified by
Scottish Athletics and will start and finish at
PHS where there will be access to showers and
changing facilities, the Venue for prizegiving
and the kitchens for food preparation.
Next meeting: AGM

COMMITTEE MEETING - 9 February 2009, Roddy’s


Present –Janice McGuire, Paddy McGuire, Sarah Kay,

James Stephenson, Neil Roberts, Roddy Beaton,

Helen Webster, Wilma MacRuary

Apologies – Phil Dewar


Minutes of last meeting: proposed Roddy Beaton,

seconded Helen Webster.


Matters arising: the Committee will vote on the

prize for the most improved runner in the Club

prior to the AGM.


Arrangements for the Glenbrittle run were

finalised and the various tasks parcelled out.

The Old Inn, Carbost, will have soup and

sandwiches available afterwards.


So far 8 or 9 members have committed to doing

the entire charity run and one or two others will

meet the ferry in Uig and do as much as they can

of the final stage to Portree. Wilma will email

Calmac re the possibility of free crossings for

the bus and enquire about minibus costs from

Portree Primary School and Jansvans.

Roddy will contact Macmillan about a banner,

collection tins etc. It was agreed that we should

attempt to get sponsor forms that include a Gift

Aid declaration (and, preferably, mention SLRC

as well as Macmillan).


AOCB: The Club accounts are ready for audit and

Roddy will arrange for someone from RBS to do

this.Wilma had some information from the last

Skye half marathon meeting:the committee is much

as last year but Willie Mackinnon is likely to

step down this year – this year’s race will

start from Portree High School and will be

verified by Scottish Athletics as an official

13.1 miles – the Club will arrange the

hospitality again this year. The next meeting,

which is open to everyone, will be at 7pm on

24 February at Portree High School.

Committee meeting Next meeting: 7.30pm, 17 March

2009 (after the Sconser run), Wilma’s house.


COMMITTEE MEETING – 6 January 2009,Paddy and

Janice’s house

Present –Janice McGuire, Paddy McGuire,
Sarah Nicolson, James Stephenson, Glenn Edge,
Roddy Beaton, Helen Webster
Apologies – Wilma MacRuary, Sarah Kay
Minutes of last meeting: proposed James
Stephenson, seconded Roddy Beaton.
Matters arising: Roddy thanked James for the
information (distance, terrain, suggested
footwear etc) he had posted on the website
regarding the proposed weekend runs to take
place between the various winter series races.
The Glenmore fun run will be the first of the
proposed Junior race series, which Sarah Nicolson
Active Schools Co-ordinator) offered to
advertise in local schools. It was suggested
that the Portree race (evening 15 May) could be
run round the Primary Schools X-country course
from the shinty club rather than round PHS as
originally planned and this will be investigated
further. In addition, Sarah Nicolson suggested
an extra run in Lochalsh, possibly in the
Balamacara forest on 25 April and this was
generally considered a good idea. The points and
prizes system for the series was finalised (10,
8, 6, 4, 2 for the first five finishers in each
category as with the adult series and trophies
for the first male and female in each age group),
with the addition of a certificate for anyone
completing all 5 runs.
Arrangements for the Glenmore run were finalised
and the various tasks parcelled out.
There was some discussion of the proposed charity
run on the weekend of 5 June 2009. The ferry
timetables mean that this would be best done
anticlockwise, going to Ullapool first, leaving
Portree about midday Friday 5 June and aiming to
get a ferry from Ullapool at 10.25am on the
Saturday, arriving in Stornoway at 1.10pm and
running South to pick up the 8pm ferry from
Tarbert back to Skye (Uig 9.40pm). Total mileage
is calculated at 235. Information will be put on
the website and a minimum number of runners
forgot to make a note of how many – sorry) will
have to definitely commit in order to make the
run viable.
AOCB: It was agreed to introduce a prize, to be
presented after the AGM, for the most improved
Club runner for the year.
Next meeting: 3 February 2009, Roddy’s house.


Committee meeting – 4 November 2008, Wilma’s house

Present –Janice McGuire, Paddy McGuire, James Stephenson, Sarah Kay, Wilma MacRuary, Roddy Beaton,

Apologies – Phil Dewar, Irene Deplano, Helen Webster, Neil Roberts.

Minutes of last meeting: proposed Roddy Beaton, seconded Wilma MacRuary.

Matters arising: The winter series will be featured on Cuillin fm, both in advance and on the days of the actual runs. The Sconser and Glenmore dates have been confirmed and the shinty clubhouse is booked for the latter. Kinloch is in hand with registration at 11.30 for a 12 o’ clock start. It was suggested we might go to the Broadford hotel afterwards. Wilma will organize the food for Braes while James and Sarah will set out the markers. In the absence of an Achmore run this year it was felt that we should be prepared to help organize it next year if required. Wilma has spoken to Sarah Nicolson about the proposed junior series and she is very supportive, suggesting the fourth event might be on an evening in order to allow children from outwith Portree to take part. The junior series will run on the same points system as the adult one and the Secondary events will be restricted to under 16s. There will be medals for the individual races but trophies only for the series overall.

The handicap race on 11 October only had two runners but, on the plus side, both enjoyed it and the handicapping seemed to work out fairly well.

Wednesday runs are now starting from PHS but it was proposed we start meeting in the foyer rather than the car park as at present and this will be highlighted on the website.

James will post a programme of suggested weekend runs on alternate Saturdays and Sundays between the winter series races on the website. Suggestions included out to Macleod’s Maidens, Borreraig – Suishnish, Glen Sligachan etc.

It is proposed to have the charity run on the weekend of 5 June 2009, going Portree, Uig, Tarbert, Stornoway, Ullapool, Kyle Portree (or in reverse if better suited to ferry times) but Roddy, Paddy and James will look into this in more detail before the next meeting. Money raised would again go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

AOCB: It was decided that, as we no longer meet at the shinty club, we should remove the folder of race entry forms from the foyer.

We will have our meal and social on the evening of the Glenmore race.

Next meeting: 6 January 2009, 7.30pm, Paddy and Janice’s house.

Committe Meeting - 16th September, 2008.

Present –Janice McGuire, Paddy McGuire, James Stephenson, Sarah Kay, Wilma MacRuary, Roddy Beaton, Neil Roberts, Helen Webster

Apologies – Phil Dewar, Irene Deplano

Minutes of last meeting: proposed James Stephenson, seconded Sarah Kay.
Matters arising: The purchase of hooded tops was put on hold but it was proposed that we investigate the possibility of a sewn badge which members could add to their own kit. Phil Dewar to be approached about design.
Winter series: Same arrangements as last year (11.30 registration for 12 o’ clock start, over 16s only, £3 entry but £1 for SLRC members). Provisional programme as follows:
Achmore – to be confirmed with Gus Loudon
Kinloch – Saturday 15 November
Braes – Saturday 6 December
Glenmore – Saturday 17 January 2009 – to be confirmed with Ross Cowie
Glenbrittle – Saturday 14 February 2009
Sconser – proposed Saturday 14 March 2009 – to be confirmed with Neil Maclean
As with last season it was agreed that we would try to have more informal Club runs on the alternate weekends between the series events, switching between Saturdays and Sundays.
With junior events already taking place at Glenmore, Sconser and the Skye half marathon, it was proposed the Club run one more junior race in order to make a 4 race junior series with trophies for the first three males and females in the Primary and Secondary age groups and awarded after the Skye half marathon.
AOCB: There will be a handicap race on 11 October using the old marble line at Broadford. Details will be in the WHFP, on the website and on posters locally.
From Wednesday 1 October our mid-week Club runs will start from the new swimming pool, with convenient use of the pool, sauna, gym and showers afterwards. This change of venue will be advertised in the WHFP, on the website and on posters at the shinty clubhouse, school, swimming pool etc.
It was decided to run another charity fund raising event in 2009, with any money raised again going to Macmillan. Planning should be well in hand by the end of this year.
Next meeting: 4 November 2008, 7.30pm, Wilma’s house.
Annual General Meeting – 26 April 2008, Caledonian Hotel
Present – Janice and Paddy McGuire, Wilma MacRuary, Roddy Beaton, James Stephenson, Scott and Linda Kennedy, Neil Turner, John and Carol Maclean, Paul and Helen Webster, Phil Dewar, Neil and Debbie Roberts
Apologies – Sarah Kay, Glenn Edge, Irene Deplano, Mhairi MacRae, Wendy Donnelly
Minutes of last meeting: Proposed – Neil Roberts                 Seconded – James Stephenson
Chairman’s report: With the club now in its 5th year numbers have gone up to 22 (16 M and 6 F) from 19 last season but although we have a solid base in Portree we are still barely represented elsewhere in our nominal area (though Roddy felt it was encouraging to see several new faces at the AGM). Last year’s Skye half marathon was very successful and the Club was well represented and our winter series races provided a good focus for new Club members to become involved and an advert to hopefully attract more. Roddy extended his thanks to all those involved in the excellent organization of the winter series and to the committee for their work over the year.
Treasurer’s report: In Sarah’s absence James distributed copies of the accounts. These show a healthy balance and we made a small surplus on memberships and entries for the winter series. The sponsored run in aid of Macmillan was not only a good social run for Club members but raised a substantial amount for the charity as well. John Ellis of the Royal Bank audited the accounts and thanks were recorded to him and to Sarah..
Election of office bearers:
Neil Roberts proposed that last year’s office bearers and committee be re-elected and this was seconded by James Stephenson. The office bearers for this year are therefore as follows:
Chairman – Roddy Beaton, Vice Chair – Glenn Edge, Secretary – Paddy McGuire, Treasurer – Sarah Kay, Welfare Officer – James Stephenson     
Committee – Janice McGuire, Irene Deplano, Phil Dewar, Neil Roberts, Alex Turner, Wendy Donnelly, Niall and Janette Tasker, Ross Cowie, Wilma MacRuary, Helen Webster. Added to the committee were Neil Turner and John and Carol Maclean.
Glenn having indicated to Roddy that he wished to give up responsibility for memberships and T-shirt sales, the former will now be part of Sarah’s work as Treasurer while Wilma MacRuary will take over the latter.
AOCB: This year’s cancer research walk (which members have run in the past) will be on Sat 17 May – details from Roddy.
James volunteered to organise a handicap race in 2 – 3 weeks time, using times from the winter series.
It was suggested that Sunday runs outwith the winter be posted on the website as and when they are arranged, recognising that they may be less frequent at this time of year owing to competing demands on people’s time.
We need to ensure that Wednesday runs at least meet at the shinty club at the advertised time for the benefit of any new runners.
It was suggested and agreed that Club fliers be handed out at the Dunvegan 10k and included in the goody bags at the Skye half marathon.
The meeting closed at 7.40 pm at which time the Club championship prizes were presented by the Chairman, with the Ladies shield going to Wilma MacRuary and the Men’s jointly to Scott Kennedy and John Maclean. A new award, the Chairman’s shield recognising the individual who has made the greatest contribution to the Club over the past year, was awarded to Sarah Kay.


Committee meeting – 17 March 2008, Paddy and Sarah’s house
Present –Janice McGuire, Paddy McGuire, James Stephenson, Sarah Kay, Wilma MacRuary, Roddy Beaton
Apologies – Glenn Edge, Phil Dewar, Neil Roberts
Minutes of last meeting: proposed Sarah Kay, seconded Roddy Beaton.
Matters arising: It was generally agreed that Café Arriba was an excellent choice for our social night after the Glenbrittle run, with a very good meal.
Winter series: This went well despite lower than usual numbers for some runs, eg Kinloch, being balanced by higher numbers for others, eg Sconser. In addition, it was felt that it provided a useful focus for running over the winter and added a social element to the Club’s programme.
Isle of Skye half marathon: the next meeting is in Tigh na Sgire on 9 April at 7.30pm and it was suggested that we run at 6pm on that evening to allow as many members as possible to attend. The event is financially sound with approx. £8500 in sponsorship so far plus entry fees. The Club’s donation of £300 has been acknowledged. Helen has done the website for the event with links to donating companies etc. It was decided we should get a gift for Willie Mackinnon in recognition of his long association with the event – ideas for the next meeting. We will advertise our Wednesday night runs as training for the event in the hopes of attracting more runners.
AOCB: As we need to have some idea of what is wanted in order to get a price for sports kit with the Club name it was suggested we provisionally enquire about 2 dozen grey, hooded fleeces in a variety of sizes.
The AGM was set for 26 April in the Caley, with the meeting at 7pm followed by a meal and presentation of prizes at 7.45pm. Roddy suggested the introduction of a trophy to be given to the person who, in the Chairman’s opinion, had done most for the Club over the year and this was agreed, with Wilma and Roddy to purchase same at a cost of £40 - £50.
It was agreed that we will organise a social after the Skye half marathon, with a meal possibly followed by the official ceilidh.
We have been asked if we can help marshal the Balmacara hill race and Sarah will post details on the website for anyone interested.
Next meeting: AGM, 26 April 2008, Caley, 7pm.

Committee meeting – 4 February 2008, Wilma’s house

Present –Janice McGuire, Paddy McGuire, James Stephenson, Sarah Kay, Wilma MacRuary, Glenn Edge, Neil Roberts, Roddy Beaton

Apologies – none

Minutes of last meeting: proposed Roddy Beaton, seconded Wilma MacRuary.
Matters arising: Roddy has emailed Ross Munro re leggings but has had no reply as yet.
There is a problem with booking Marmalade for the proposed social night after the Glenbrittle run but Wilma will approach Café Arriba, otherwise we will try the Caley again.
Isle of Skye 10k (Glenmore): This went well despite lower than usual numbers for the main event (though there was a very good turnout for the fun run), with the organization and the food both well up to standard. It was agreed that we would thank the various people and organizations who helped via the WHFP.
Glenbrittle run: arrangements are well in hand, with various task parcelled out, eg timing, laying out the course, putting a notice in the WHFP etc.
Isle of Skye half marathon: the next meeting is in Tigh na Sgire on 14 February at 7.30pm. Various subgroups have already been formed and roles assigned but more help will be needed and Roddy encouraged as many members as possible to become involved. The committee agreed that the Club should offer to donate £300 towards commemorative mugs.
AOCB: There will be a one day Jogscotland leaders course running locally in the near future and this will be free (cf the usual cost of £70). No date has yet been set.
It was suggested that the next informal monthly run should be from Sligachan to the Bealach a’ Mhaim and the Fairy Pools path, on Saturday 23 February and starting at 10am (meeting PHS at 9.45am).
The Club will help with arrangements for the Sconser run as required.
The accounts have to be audited in advance of the AGM and this will be done free of charge via the Royal Bank.
Next meeting: Monday 18 March 2008, 7.30pm, Paddy and Sarah’s house.

Committee meeting – 7 January 2008, Roddy’s house

Present –Janice McGuire, Paddy McGuire, Helen Webster, Wilma MacRuary, Glenn Edge, Neil Roberts, Roddy Beaton

Apologies – Sarah Kay, Phil Dewar, James Stephenson

 Minutes of last meeting: proposed Glenn Edge, seconded Janice McGuire.

 Matters arising: Some members attended the meeting about this year’s Skye half marathon where it was again suggested that the Club might run the event. Given our previous discussions of this matter the committee was unanimous in rejecting the idea again because of the work involved relative to our limited membership though the Club is more than happy to help out as we have in the past (with perhaps and extra effort as this is the 25th event). It was suggested that we might raise the Club’s profile by sponsoring a special prize of some sort, perhaps with teams doing the race as a relay and raising money for charity getting prizes for best place and most money raised. Other suggestions included T shirts, mugs, shot glasses etc commemorating the 25th. Glenn will price mugs with Alan Freestone (Uig Pottery) while Janice will see if Willie Mackinnon has any info on the cost of the shot glasses that were given out for the Millennium race. It was also suggested that we advertise the Club’s Wednesday evenings as half marathon training nights for the eight weeks before the race

 Isle of Skye 10k (Glenmore): We have paid out £50, the shinty club is booked, the kitchen will be available and the showers will be on. The 2 mile fun run will register at 10.45am with the race at 11.15am and the main event will register from 11.30 with the start at 12. Entry fee will be £1 for juniors and Club members, £3 for other adults. Various members volunteered (or were nominated in their absence) for the range of tasks required beforehand and on the day, eg advertising, timing, catering, stewarding and so on.

 AOCB: Roddy read out a letter from Macmillan Cancer Support thanking us for the cash we raised for them via the charity relay run.

 As we seem unable to reach a satisfactory conclusion to discussions of a Club jacket Roddy suggested we might consider Trackster style leggings with the Club name up the leg.

 Members attending the Orbost run should meet at the High School at 9am if they wish to car share.

 There will be a social on the evening of the Glenbrittle forestry run, details to be confirmed.

 Next meeting: Monday 4 February 2008, 7.30pm, Wilma’s house.

SLRC Committee

Below are the Committee Minutes for the Skye&Lochalsh Running Club.  If you have any questions or queries please contact us via the Feedback page.

Committee meeting – Tuesday 4 December 2007, Paddy and Janice’s house Present –Janice McGuire, Paddy McGuire, Sarah Kay, Phil Dewar, Glenn Edge, Neil Roberts, Wendy Donnelly Apologies – Helen Webster, Irene Deplano, Roddy Beaton, Wilma MacRuary, James Stephenson Minutes of last meeting: proposed Janice McGuire, seconded Glenn Edge. Matters arising: It has been requested that we alternate weekend runs between Saturdays and Sundays so it was agreed to change the Cill Chriosd run to Saturday 15 December with the next being Sunday 27 January 2008, starting at Orbost farm at 10 am. A cheque for approximately £1600 was presented to Macmillan Cancer Care at the Kinloch run. In order to maximise fundraising it was strongly suggested that any future sponsor forms are set up to enable donors to Gift Aid their donations. Treasurer’s report: the Kinloch run raised £33 in entry fees and £75 from memberships paid on the day. We have around £1000 in the Club account. Winter series: Wilma has offered to provide soup, tea, coffee, milk and sugar for the Braes run and Phil will do rolls but it was suggested that we ask other members to provide sandwiches / baking, possibly via a request on the website. Phil and Sarah volunteered to do the timing and Sarah will put out various signs (“Caution – runners”, direction and mile markers etc – obtain either from Wilma or Willie Mackinnon?). After much discussion it was decided to have undated adult medals for the Glenmore run (but engraved with the event details – Isle of Skye 10k) so any extras can be reused in future. Children’s medals to have Glenmore Fun Run and positions for the first three boys and girls also shields for first girl and boy. Janice will co-ordinate ordering with Wilma, probably before the end of December. AOCB: Sarah has produced a letter asking about possible discounts for Club members and will circulate this to a number of running shops. Phil hopes to have a design for a membership card by the next meeting. There is to be a meeting about the Skye half marathon on Tuesday 11 December in Tigh na Sgire, time unknown but should be in the WHFP in due course, and it was suggested that as many members as possible try to attend. Next meeting: Monday 7 January 2008, 7.30pm, Roddy’s house.
Committee meeting – 23 October 2007, James and Sarah’s house
 Present –Janice McGuire, Wilma MacRuary, Paddy McGuire, James Stephenson, Sarah Kay, Phil Dewar, Glenn Edge, Neil Roberts
 Apologies – Helen Webster, Irene Deplano, Roddy Beaton
Minutes of last meeting: proposed Sarah Kay, seconded Neil Roberts.
Matters arising: It was suggested that existing vests could have Skye and Lochalsh Running Club and the club logo on the back, rather than overprinting the current SLRC on the front.
-         Sarah has produced a poster for the winter series and with details of our Wednesday runs, which will be emailed to all members. Wilma will put up copies at the school, swimming pool etc.
 -         Kevin is happy to post committee minutes on the club website.
 -         Week-end day runs have been agreed as follows:
 Sunday 2 December – Glen Sligachan – meet at Sligachan hotel at 10am.
Saturday 15 December – meet at the old church at Loch Chriosd on the road to Torrin at 10am.
From the start points members are free to run as far as suits their individual inclinations. Car sharing can be arranged on the preceding Wednesday night or via the website.
 Charity run: everyone involved should try to have all sponsor money collected before the Kinloch run so that the presentation can be done on that day.
 Winter series: the Achmore run is now on Sunday 4 November. James still has to write to Phil McCaherty (note spelling - the Free Press was actually wrong) re use of shinty clubhouse kitchen and showers but we have had the go ahead from the Forestry Commission for the Kinloch and Glenbrittle runs and for charging an entry fee for these. The cost for all the winter series runs will be £1 for members and £3 for non-members. The Glenmore fun run will be advertised nearer the time and we will buy wine as prizes for the adult event as this is what has always been done in the past and the run is the Isle of Skye 10k in addition to being one of our series.
Next meeting: Tuesday 4 December 2007, 7.30pm, Paddy and Janice’s house.
Committee meeting – 24 September 2007, Wilma’s house
Present –Janice McGuire, Wilma MacRuary, Roddy Beaton, Paddy McGuire, James Stephenson, Sarah Kay, Phil Dewar, Glenn Edge, Neil Roberts
Apologies – Helen Webster, Irene Deplano
Minutes of last meeting: proposed James Stephenson, seconded Sarah Kay.
Charity run: this went well and was a good event for club cohesion. There was concern about the busyness of some of the sections of road. In future it was suggested and agreed that we write in advance to place where we wished to leave cans and to pubs that we wished to call into with buckets. The welcome and food provided by Macmillan members at the finish was really appreciated. Members were reminded that contributions can be Gift Aided for increased value and it was agreed that all money should be in by the end of the school holidays. It is hoped that there should be an item in the Free Press where we can thank the ferry etc.
 Winter series: it is proposed that we use the 10k Achmore-Plockton run organised by Gus Loudon for Sun 28 Oct as the first of the series. It was proposed that we contact the Forestry Commission re charging for the runs on their ground and explaining that money collected would be used to provide soup and sandwiches. There should be a discount for members on the cost of the runs in the series, proposed to be £3 per race.The final programme is as follows: 17 November – Kinloch (this is not yet confirmed but should be OK), 8 December - Braes (the hall is booked), 19 January 2008 – Glenmore (there is nothing on at the shinty club on the day but we need to write to Phil McCafferty to get a cost for using the showers and the kitchen), 16 February – Glenbrittle (this is not yet confirmed but should be OK), 15 March – Sconser. Last season’s arrangement of awarding points to the first five finishers will continue.
AOCB: Phil will look at designing a logo for clothing etc.
It was agreed that a copy of the minutes will be sent to Kevin to put on the website.
We should have a membership drive in association with the winter races as numbers are low.
 Wednesday runs should be leaving the clubhouse at 6.30 pm sharp.
We should aim to have at least one weekend run per month, probably on Sundays.
 It was proposed that we approach local shops re possible discounts for members (this would probably require that we have some sort of membership card).
 A poster with the winter series dates and details of Wednesday runs was proposed.
 There is to be a meeting in October to looking into setting up a committee to run the next  Skye half marathon in the light of it being the 25th and owing to changes in Willie Mackinnon’s job. It was felt that we should be represented at this.
 Next meeting: Tuesday 23 October 2007, 7.30pm, James and Sarah’s house.







Committee meeting – 20 August 2007, Roddy’s house
Present –Janice McGuire, Wilma MacRuary, Roddy Beaton, Paddy McGuire, James Stephenson, Sarah Kay, Helen Webster
Apologies – Phil Dewar, Irene Deplano
Minutes of last meeting: proposed Wilma MacRuary, seconded Roddy Beaton.
Matters arising: the coaching courses programme has not been published. Sports tops – we will revisit this at the next meeting.
Charity run: the minibus is booked, the Caley is booked for the social, sponsor forms are done and will be sent out by email and fliers have been made up to inform Club members of the event. Macmillan will provide us with a banner, buckets, T shirts and with 15 collecting cans which will be distributed, with posters, two weeks before the event (also a letter naming an individual authorised to collect the cans afterwards). The run will finish in the main car park in Broadford where Macmillan will have a presence. We will leave at 7am from Portree HS and runners should bring their own food for the day. Roddy will inform cuillinfm and Sarah the WHFP, Oban Times and Hebridean giving herself and Roddy as contacts.
 AOCB: Winter series: it was suggested that we start these in the last week of October with a mainland run, perhaps in the Kyle / Balmacara area – Roddy will contact Lloyd Parsons for suggestions. Provisional dates for the other runs are as follows: 17 November – Kinloch (Sarah / James), 8 December - Braes (Wilma will ask David Pratt about the hall), 19 January 2008 – Glenmore (James to check with the shinty club), 16 February – Glenbrittle (Sarah / James), 15 March – Sconser (Roddy to speak to Neil Maclean). All runs with registration at 11.30 to run at 12.
 Next meeting: Monday 24 September 2007, 7.30pm, Wilma’s house


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