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Cathy Ferguson           GBC

My 3rd year class is on Thursday afternoon at the GBC 2pm.
I will commence mid September with Year 1
The GBC runs a tournament for beginners on Wednesday afternoons - a Thursday afternoon will be added when the classes finish in March. Non members are welcome.
My pupils have been playing in beginners tournaments since the middle of Year 2.

Steve Bailey                GBC

I'm teaching a Beginners class at GBC every Wednesday.  There are currently 12 pupils  and I'm enjoying every second of it.  They are a great bunch of people - terrific fun, friendly, attentive and incredibly keen to learn.  Sometimes their enthusiasm surprises even me.  They turn up at GBC under their own steam on Fridays (when the club is open for Rubber Bridge), commandeer two tables and play all afternoon.  They also meet to play and practice in their private homes.

I teach a variation of the SBU Course - leaving out the bits I disagree with (Strong Twos, Standard Attitude signalling etc) and work pretty hard to make the classes as entertaining and user-friendly as possible.
Please keep me on this email list.  I want to know everything about how bridge is being taught in the West of Scotland - and further afield for that matter.

Maurice Pigott                        Buchanan BC

We have 4 levels of learners’ classes from beginners to improvers plus a weekly improvers’ tournament that has a coaching element.

I’m currently doing the third year class and have promoted the congress. Several in my class have attended events in the past, such as the one at Seamill. The other teachers will also be promoting the congress, but I’ll ensure Norman McGeagh’s improvers’ class (around 30) is aware since, not being online, Norman won’t have seen your message.

Ricky Finlayson runs the improvers’ tournaments.

Buchanan has an intermediate class of membership for students who have completed the three year course, which we call associate, until they are considered to qualify for ordinary membership of the club. Associate members are therefore our improvers. All our associate members are subscribed to the SBU and therefore have an SBU MP number. A sizeable number of our class members are also SBU members by dint of having played in the Bronze Challenge last August. On checking a small sample I’ve happily found they are recognised in the list of members on the mempad site. Hopefully, this will mean that any MPs earned will have been automatically recorded. No-one to my knowledge has complained that they haven’t been, but I will as a sample ask one or two people known to have earned some points to confirm that they have a points history on the website.

Raymond McShane     St Andrew BC

St. Andrew run two classes from complete beginner to those more experienced who wish to play better bridge. They are hosted at the club on Monday and Tuesday evenings in a convivial atmosphere but where learning will take place.
The aim of the beginners course is to have the student playing as soon as possible. This will be achieved following the lesson plans of the SBU.
The aim of the "better bridge" course is to develop the skills of players who would like to take their game to a higher level. This will be achieved by concentrating on bidding procedures and card play lectures, followed by playing the cards on the topic of the evening.
On both sessions notes, advice and further tutorials will be offered to cement the learning process.
Joining  the lessons can take place at any time by contacting the secretary Biil Durning on 01415636693 or alternatively email billdurning50@gmail.com for more information.

Pat Wilson                   Stirling BC

We run an improvers playing session at the Stirling Club every Tuesday evening – this is an “inbetween playing session” for people that I taught previously,  before going into the main playing sessions.

Quite a few of the players now play on some club afternoon/nights but still come on a Tuesday where we can answer questions etc. Players can come without partners and we fill in the empty spaces !! 

 I will be starting a class for beginners in October this year as well. 

 Anne Ritchie is taking a minibridge class in a school(s) and will be bring a team to the SBU Mini bridge competition held at the Stirling Club in March.

Cathy Cursiter                         Biggar BC

I have been teaching bridge at Biggar BC since last year.

I taught a beginners class of 13 and am now teaching the group at intermediate level.

This is on a Wed night from 7pm until 9.30/10pm.

Ann MacLeod              Fort Matilda BC

Bridge 4 beginners

Bridge lessons for beginners will be commence on Monday 12 October @ 2pm In Fort Matilda Bridge Club, Tarbet Street Gourock.  No previous knowledge is required

For further information contact the secretary, Ann MacLeod  01475  522 181

Check out the bridge club web site at  http://www.bridgewebs.com/fortmatilda 

Peter Edmond              Milngavie and Bearsden BC

Beginners Class and Improvers Group - Mondays  4pm and 5.30pm

Milngavie Town Hall



SBUWD Primary School Minibridge Classes

1) Carmyle Primary - Hamish Watson and Kevin Strathern

We are going to Carmyle today for the last time. The kids seem to really like it and they are going to continue after the holidays to play for at least one hour per week.   Their teacher has been very enthusiastic and her enthusiasm has rubbed off on the kids.  She intends to invite 4 pupils from a different class every fortnight to join her class and they will teach them to play. We have said that we will keep in touch and will go in to help when required. An article is being prepared  for the Times Educational Supplement.

The only problems we have found are:

We have 28 pupils and we feel that we would need at least one person for every 2 tables. The teacher has helped a lot and she usually sits in at a table.

The lesson notes are not all that clear and could do with being more like the SBU lesson notes.

We have been using hands from the SBU lessons because we can use the deal file to deal the hands mechanically.  This saves a lot of time when you are dealing 7 sets of boards.


2) Murray Primay - Kathleen Russell and Stephanie Stone

We have just had our last lesson today at Murray Primary in East Kilbride. The lessons seemed to go well and the children were enthusiastic to the last. There is a lot of interest in starting an after school club so we are hoping to get something going in the new year.

We were working with the whole of P7, 18 pupils in all. We had three adults plus the class teacher most days and we couldn't have managed with any less.
Are there any plans for Minibridge  in the secondary schools in East Kilbride?

3) Dunard Primay

    Starting in January


4) St Cadocs

    Starting in January



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