Minibridge 2019

More teams than ever before took part in the minbridge tournament. 79 enthusiastic teams took part ‚Äč in 4 locations-   Glasgow, Dundee, Elgin and inverness

Overall winners were Grange Stars from Grange primary School in Dundee.

Many congratulations to them and all the other particiipating teams. Many thanks due to the many adults who tutor the children and to the adults who help to supervise the events

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24 January 2017Comments from Pupils in schools in Glasgow, Dundee and Highland

“Bridge is not like any other card game because it gets your brain working”

“You are communicating with the language of bridge”

“You work with people you never have before so it helps social relationships in the classroom” 

“Your cards speak for you!”


“Going to the competitions”

“I have enjoyed everything,”  

“I have enjoyed working with Pat and counting and playing the cards”  

“That it is a quiet game that you need strategy to play"  

“working with the helpers”

 “Good learning to play,”

 “I have learned to play the cards wisely."

 “I enjoyed winning and playing with different pupils”

“I enjoyed everything about it but the scoring was hard”

“I enjoyed having fun”

“I have learned some strategies such as if you play low you can still win”

“I enjoyed the whole experience and I now play with my Dad”

“I enjoyed learning how to use the gadget (bridgemate) on the last week”

“I enjoyed moving tables and playing with different pupils” (on the last day)


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