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8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars:
Diary of the South African War: 1900-1902 
by Squadron-Sergeant-Major J. W. Morton  
published by‎ Naval & Military Press (20 Jun. 2006)

180 pages - ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1847342450 - ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1847342454

age 41 et sec.

30TH June —Another alarm parade which came to nothing.
2ND July —Saddled at 6 a.m., but did not leave camp.
We received orders, however, to be ready to move at any
time and at verv short notice. Lieutenant Hon. M. F.
Howard, Second-Lieutenant E. G. Woods, Second-Lieu-
tenant L. G. Scott, and Second-Lieutenant Sir R. W.
Levinge joined with the following draft: —
Draft, under Second-Lieutenant Woods, arrived from
Lngland. Disembarked at Capetown, ex s.s. " Cavour,"
13th June, 1900, and composed of:—

2739 15th Hussars, Lce.-Sgt Cunningham.
3081 Cpl. Home.
2997 15th Hussars, Cpl. Forsdyke.
3107 15th Hussars, Cpl- Morse.
4180 Pte. Dignan.
4421 Pte. Doyle.
2621 15th Hussars, Pte. Gilbert.
2622 15th Hussars, Pte. Gilbert.
4-13 Pte. Brady.
3361 Pte. Brown.
4585 Pte, Burns.
4209 Pte. Dawson.
4467 Pte. Dunn.
4268 Pte. Edwards.
4411 Pte. Ewan.
4564 Pte. Farmer.
4306 Pte. Fawcett
4456 Pte. Gibbons.
4438 Pte. Greely.
4272 Pte. Harper.
4224 Pte. Holland.
4326 Pte. Brunton.
4486 Pte. Merrigan.
3923 Pte. Gill.
4333 Holian.
4405 Pte. Horton.
4302 Pte. Jurdison.
4159 Pte. Kennedy.
4188 Pte. Keogh.
4354 Pte. Lee.
4273 Pte. Laird.
4620 Pte. Lyons.
4305 Pte. McKay.
4344 Pte. Moulds
4244 Pte. Payne.
4332 Pte. Roache.
4431 Pte- Walsh.
4368 Pte. Wilson.
2946 15th Hussars, Pte. Scrogie
3741 Pte. Parrif.
3739 Pte. Scott.
3310 Pte. Davey.
4450 Pte. Karrell.
4413 Pte. Chubb.
3°53 15th Hussars, Pte. Hiilier.
287c 15th Hussars, Pte. Parks.
2578 15th Hussars, Pte. Cole.
2905 15th Hussars, Ptc. Prest.
2543 15th Hussars, Pte. Priest.
2660 15th Hussars, Pte. Wells.
3655 Pte. Keating.
4248 Ptc. Lockwell.
3434 Pte. Kidney.
4354 Pte. Keating joined from England with Sec-Lt. Hind!ip.

To-day all foreigners who had not taken the oath of
allegiance were sent out of Pretoria to East London. The
townspeople of Pretoria are now settling down to the
ordinary routine of life, shops are being opened again, and
food stuffs are obtainable at prices something like the
following: — Per pound: Rice 6d., sugar 6d., bread 6d.,
jam is. 3d. a small tin. Butter was not obtainable at any

We have now about 80 horses per squadron.
4TH JULY.—A number of remounts arrived yesterday and
to-day, and a parade in drill order was ordered to
accustom them to leaving the ranks.
5TH JULY.— Parade in drill order. The average squadron
strength to-day is 127 non-commissioned officers and men
and  106 horses.   A quantity of stores and clothing


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