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beautiful bassethounds
I write from Florence
I like very much your bassethound!!!
Compliments, they are so beautifuls :)
Antonio Dal Pino (Dal Pino's Kennel)
Posted by ANTONIO DAL PINO on 25 May 2010
Thank you for your kind comments.
Posted by Derek on 05 October 2010
old friends
Jules travels alot, he is the proud father of lassie and Connie he misses his girls,we enjoyed looking at the Bullie Burn web-site,
Posted by lassie on 26 December 2007
Glad you enjoyed visiting the site. Keep up the good work Connie.
Posted by Derek on 16 January 2008
web site
Great web site especially the 'other basset friends page'The family all look great in their photos.
Posted by Boots McCash on 12 September 2007
Very many thanks for your kind words, Boots. Glad you liked the pictures. Keep up the good work.
Posted by Aileen on 13 September 2007
my mum thought the website was really good but not to easy to find but I want to know why you haven't got my picture anywhere.


Posted by murdo burns on 10 September 2007
Sorry Murdo, I've still to download the photographs from Sunday's Fun Day. I will do it, promise.
Posted by Aileen on 13 September 2007
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