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Breesfalt Deerhounds

"Please don't take that away - I hadn't finished destroying it" 
Breesfalt Jasper
breesfalt jasper
Why does Daddy always have to embarrass the kids? Eclipse begs Merlin to please stop kissing Mummy in public - and smile at the camera instead.

 Breesfalt Francesca

Have a look around at the various pictures and video clips.  We hope you enjoy the site and will come back again.  Lots more to add - eventually. 

The Youngsters - Eclipse and Jasper

The current family, Merlin, Evie, Jasper and Eclipse


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We have lived with this wonderful breed for many years now and  they are very special to us.  Although we have had a number of different breeds, none compare to the Deerhound and we could not envisage life without one.

 Our site is still under development and more will be added as time goes on.



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