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Wonderful dogs u have my friend owned one so friendly stunning
Posted by kevin kelly on 21 November 2014
I am trying to complete some pictorial ch pedigrees may I use some of your images i.e. garth crystal etc.
hope all is well your end
greetings from Kilbourne

Posted by GLENIS PEACH on 29 October 2014
Lovely to speak to you this evening and have had a brief look around the site which is excellent. When I have more time I will have a more detailed look.
Best regards, Jenny.xx
Posted by Jenny Grimshaw on 08 September 2014
Thank you so much for everything you did. Jasper sends you his best wishes xx
Posted by Lesley Hogan on 02 February 2015
All of your dogs
Just beautiful!! Just stunning :-)
Posted by Ann M on 25 August 2014
thank you
As a deerhound mum, and human mum to a "brei" I loved the story of "breesfalt" i love your videos. Keep up the impressive work youve done with these amazing hounds
Posted by rose on 09 August 2012
beautiful creatures
Posted on 23 October 2011
Posted on 01 September 2011
web site
Posted on 16 August 2011
Lovely website
Posted on 27 January 2011
Posted on 14 October 2010
Dearhound pups
Posted on 01 September 2010
Posted on 16 August 2010
wonderful website
Posted on 04 June 2010
Puppy videos
Posted on 26 April 2010
No Title
Posted on 23 August 2009
Posted on 22 April 2009
brilliant website
Posted on 01 April 2009
Posted on 28 March 2009
Posted on 05 January 2009
Posted on 03 January 2009
Lovely website
Posted on 10 December 2008
Attn Lesley
Posted on 02 October 2008
No Title
Posted on 02 October 2008
Posted on 10 September 2008
Posted on 08 September 2008
Wonderful pictures!
Posted on 30 August 2008
wonderful site
Posted on 24 August 2008
Posted on 23 August 2008
Posted on 17 July 2008
Best regards!
Posted on 12 July 2008
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