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The Brambledales have always been action dogs but sadly I was not an action photographer until I was given a digital camera in 2005! So the only action pictures I can find from the old days are these of Brett taken by a press photographer.

I am indebted to Eva- Maria Kramer and Carolin Kupper for permission to use some of the photos that they took during visits to Maes yr Haul


Brett (Ch Heathermead Handsome) competing in Working Trials for the first time,in 1970, when he was eight years old. Below he clears the long jump at the same event. (Sorry I got in the way!)

Brett's Great-Great-Great-Great-Great -Granddaughters,Brambledale Brianna (Nan, above ) and B.Briony (Nancy, below ) .

And some of Nan's daughters.................

Brambledale Black Enya Photo Grosser

Brambledale Blue Merle at just six months old...................

 ........and Merle at three years.  

Merle 6ft ScalePhotoKupper

Brambledale Brianella (Nell)

Nell   Photo Kramer

Brambledale Brianella (Nell) Photo Kramer

Photo Kramer

Nell 6ft Scale Photo Kupper

Nell      6ft ScalePhoto  Kupper

 B.BreezePhoto Kramer

B.Breezep;Photo Kramer &

Photo Kramer

B.Blue Motley (Mottie)Photo Kupper;

B.Bright Blue (Tiger) Photo Kramer


Tiger Photo Kramer

Photo Kramer

 Tiger  Photo Kupper




Above, right + below:

BrambledaleBreezanna(Hanner) 17months

(B.Breeze x Lester) 

 Photos by Pertti Kellomaki















  Photos: on right, Keith Wingett, others,Pertti Kellomaki Right+ below    Brambledale Blodyn 17months  (B.Breeze X Lester)

 Blodyn + Hanner are Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Granddaughters of Brett, shown at the top of this page.















  Left (and three following pictures)

Glen at 18months

Photos by Keith Wingett







The Brambledales also use their agility and ingenuity in all kinds of novel situations......the pictures below were taken en route to Scotland in July 2009.  They had no problem crossing the canal safely ........I loved the polite queue!  And a complicated style we had to negotiate was no barrier either......again, note the polite queue.

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