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The Basset Hound is generally a robust, healthy, stubborn dog who enjoys life.  The Basset Hound should be fit for the purpose for which it was bred and if your Basset Hound is fit for purpose then he should be fit for a long, happy and active life.
The Club asks that everyone appreciates that although any advice on this web site is given in good faith, the Club and/or its Representatives, cannot be held legally responsible.  Always consult your Vet about your Basset Hound’s health.
 We are a very proactive breed as far as health issues are concerned, and have a very open and considerate way of thinking.  Should a problem arise, we are usually very good at finding an answer.
The Basset Hound Health Group website is a very useful source of further information which is available here.  The Health Group has a formal agreement with The Animal Health Trust to bank blood samples and cheek swabs for current and future research.
From time to time, and certainly on a regular basis, the Group will be asking owners for help in collecting information about the health of the breed.  This is a very important tool for us and for all owners and breeders of Basset Hounds.  This will enable us to “measure” the health of the breed.  When we ask for help with these surveys, please be caring enough to make it possible for us to carry out our mission as efficiently as possible to achieve an accurate result.  We can only do this satisfactorily with your help and it will take only a few minutes of your time.
A Health Survey is the most efficient method of analysing what we need to do to keep our breed healthy.  From the information which you provide, we can prioritise which disease or condition needs our immediate attention.
Each Breed Club will dedicate a web page to Health Surveys when we are carrying out a programme.  There will be a deadline to meet and once the results have been analysed, the statistics will be published for all to see.   The information which you provide will be totally confidential, of course.
 For further imformation about Health in the Basset Hound click on any of the following:
The Basset Hound is a very individual and distinctive breed.  We discourage indiscriminate breeding to avoid future welfare and rescue issues - and to promote and preserve the integrity and health of the breed.  Unfortunately, there are some “commercial” breeders (also known as puppy farmers) who give no thought to the consequences of inappropriate practices in their breeding programme/s.  It is therefore fundamental to the future health and welfare of the Breed that each and every owner, breeder, potential owner and potential breeder are given a high standard of information to enable them to reach a conscientious decision about owning and/or breeding Basset Hounds.  There are very responsible and reputable breeders out there and your local Breed Club Secretary is the person to contact to advise you of who they are.
It is frequently remarked upon, by puppy enquirers, that we carry out a “Third Degree Interrogation” before considering them for a puppy.  Don’t let this practice cause you to be surprised because there is a very good reason for doing this - we are ensuring that we have the best homes, the right owners and certain future care for our unique and amazing hounds.
The UK Breed Clubs have a very good reputation for giving first class advice to prospective owners and breeders.  If you want to buy a puppy or give a new home to an older dog, contact your nearest Breed Club.  If you already have a Basset Hound and need some advice, the Breed Club can be your adviser.  On the whole, the Breed Clubs are made up of people with a lot of experience in the breed and sometimes a friendly chat with a knowledgeable person can be enough to put your mind at rest.  There isn’t much the Breed Clubs haven’t seen or heard before.  The Breed Club Secretary or the Breed Health Representative are best placed with advice and up to date information.  You will find a list of your local Breed Clubs on one of our other pages and they are just a click away if you go to our LINKS page.
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