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The following photographs show the uniforms & equipment the men (Orderly's & Medical Officers) of the R.A.M.C. Airborne Medical Services, which would have worn & used in action during WW2 Cira 1944.



Above: (Reconstruction) This medical orderly is wearing a parachutist's helmet, Denison Smock and 1937 pattern webbing equipment with a pistol at his right side. Under the equipment he carries a pair of stretcher carrying straps and a toggle rope. In the centre of the webbing belt can be seen an Orilux lamp. More can be found out here.


Above: (Reconstruction). This medical orderly carries two 1937 pattern small packs; the top one being loaded with medical supplies, and marked with a Red Cross.  The other one contains personal equipment e.g. wash kit, rations, and spare clothing. Around this pack can be seen two pieces of kramer wire, which was used for splinting injuries. Below these two packs is the entrenching tool which is connected directly to the bottom of the small pack above, and not to the belt as normally seen.

More can be found out about the Orderly's kit on the Webbing Equipment page: here




Above: A Reconstruction of the kit carried by the Medical Orderly in the Denison Smock, 37 Patt Pouches, and 37 Patt. Small Pack.




Above: Inside Pocket

A.F. W3118 (The Field Medical Card) x 10

A.F. W3118A (Envelope for the Field Medical Card) x 10


Above: Upper Right Pocket

Shell Dressing x 1

Bandages, Triangular (2 in packet) x 2


Above: Upper Left Pocket

Scissors S.B. (Stretcher Bearer) x 1

Bandages, Triangular (2 in packet) x1

Cotton Wool, Absorbent, 2 oz. packets x 2


Above: Lower Right Pocket

Bandages, Loose woven 3 inch. x 6


Above: Lower Left Pocket

Gauze, Absorbent 2.5 yards, Compressed. x 6





Above: Right Basic Pouch

Bandages, Elastoplast, 3 inch x 1

Bandages, Triangular (2 in packet) x 1

Cotton Wool, Absorbent, 2 oz. packet, compressed x 2

Gauze, Absorbent, 2.5 yards, compressed x 1

Tin, Vulcanite, with 10 x Cigarettes x 1

Pencils, lead x 1

Paraffinum Molle, 4 Oz tube. x 1

Bandages, loose woven, 3 inch. x 6


Above: Left Basic Pouch

Bandages, triangular (2 in packet) x 1

Cotton Wool, Absorbent, 2 oz. packet x 3

Gauze, Absorbent, 2.5 yards, compressed, x1

Bandages, loose woven, 3 inch, x 4

Morphine Injection Amp. Syringe x 10

Pins, safety (tin of 36) x 1

Tablets, A.P.C.(Asprin, Phenacetin, Caffeine) x 20

Tin, Vulcanite x 1

Dredger, Sulphanilamide x 1

Pencil, Dermatograph x 1





Above: Orderly's First Aid Haversack

Cotton Wool, Absorbent, 2 oz. packet, compressed, x 7

Gauze, Absorbent, 2.5 yards, compressed, x 7

Gauze, Absorbent, 6 yard packet, x 2

Bandages, loose woven, 3 inch x 30

Bandages, Triangular (2 in packet), x 22

Plaster, Zinc Oxide, 3 inch, x 1

A.F.W3118 (Field Medical Cards) x 10

A.F.W3118A (Envelopes for FM Cards) x 10






Above: The Medical Officer's Uniform and full equipment  re-created. N.B. The Orilux torch has been replaced by the standard US right-angled type as often used by members of the Airborne RAMC.


Above: Reconstruction of the side view of the Medical Officer.






Above: A reconstruction of the original 1944 photo, to show the kit carried by a Medical Officer.




Above: Contents of the Medical Officers Denison Smock.


Above: Inside Pocket

A.F.W. 3118 and A.F.W.3118A (Field Medical Cards & Envelopes) x10


Above: Upper Right Pocket

Pins, Safety, Tin of 36. x1
Injection, Anacardone 2 c.c. Amp. x 6
Morphine, Injection Amp. Syringes. x10
Cigarettes x10
Tin, Vulcanite x1


Above: Upper Left Pocket

Scissors S.B. (Stretcher Bearer) x1    
Bandages, 2 in. pkt. x1
Wool, Abs. 2 oz. pkts. comp.x2


Above: Lower Right Pocket

Gauze, Abs. 2½ yd. Comp. x1
Bandages, Loose woven, 3” x3


Above: Lower Left Pocket

Shell Dressings x1




Above: Right Basic Pouch

Wool, Abs. 2 oz. Comp. x1
Bandages, loose woven, 3” x3
Bandages, Tri. 2 in pkt. x1
Gauze, Abs. 2½ yd. Comp. x2
Case, Hyp & Ophth. Complete x1
Bandage, Elastoplast 3”.  x1
Morphine, Inj. 1½ oz. in 2 oz. Btt. x1
Novutox 3% in 2 oz. Btt. x 1
Containers, Spring base. x2
Thermometer, clinical. x1
Catgut, Sterile, 20 day size 2. x2
Tetanus, Antitoxin. x2
Pencil, Dermatograph. x1
Syringe, Hyp. 2 c.c. x1
Case with spare needles. x1


Above: Left Basic Pouch

Dredger, sulph.x1
Wool, Abs. 2. oz. pkts. comp. x1
Bandages, Loose woven. 3” x2
Gauze, Abs. 2½ yd. comp. x1
Pencil, lead. x1
Tabs Sulphanilamide. x50
Tabs A.P.C. x20
Tin, Vulcanite. x1
Paraffinum, Molle, 4. oz. tube.x1
Instruments, Dressing, in spirit tight case x1
Bandages, Tri 2 in. pkt. x1




Above: The Medical Officer's First Aid Haversack, and contents.



Above: Priority I Supplies.

Gauze, Abs. 6 yd. pkts. x2
Bandages, Loose woven 3” comp. x12
Wool, Abs. 2 oz. pkts. comp. x3
Bandages, Triang. 2 in. pkt. x3
Plaster, Zinc, Oxide. 3” x1
Liquor, Iodi, Mitis. 2 oz. bottle. x1
Tourniquet, Samway x1
Pencil, Dermatograph x1
Pencil, Lead x1
Tabs, Lysol, Tin of 4 tubes x1
Pliers, Wire cutting x1
Pentothal Sodium 0.5G with  10 c.c. Amp. Dis. Water.x1
Syringe, Serum 10 c.c. with 2 needles in case x1



Above: Priority I Supplies.

Syringe Serum, Needles Spare. x2
Bottle, Drop, Chloroform x1
Inhaler, Chloroform. x1
Tetanus Antitoxin. x2
Morphine Inj. 1½ozs. in 2oz. bottle x1
Novutox 3% in 2oz. bot. x1
Containers, Spring Base. x2
Dredger, Sulphanilamide. x1
Morphine Inj. Amp. Syringes. x10
Tabs, Sulphanilamide. x50
A.F.W. 3118 and A.F.W. 3118.A. x10
Tannic Acid Jelly. Small tubes. x2
Inj. Anacardone. 2 c.c. Amp.  x6
Scissors, S.B. with Lanyard. x1
Tins, Vulcanite.  x1
Chloroform. 2oz. Tubes. x3
Pins, Safety, tin of 36. x1
Catgut, Sterile, 20 day, size 2. x4
Syringe Needles Spare. x4
Silkworm Gut, 14” length. x2



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