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The following pictures give an idea of the type of medical equipment carried and used by 16 PFA during WW2.


Above: A Standard Dressing No. 15. Contains one small dressing.


Above: A First Field Dressing, standard issue to all British Soldiers. Contains two small dressings.


Above: A Shell Dressing. Contains one large dressing.


Above: A Picric Acid Dressing for burns.


Above: A 1937 Pattern Shell Dressing bag.


Above: Contents of the Shell Dressing bag, 12 x dressings.


Above: The British Army Medical Waterbottle.


Above: Two 1937 Pattern Stretcher carrying straps.

Above: Stretcher bearer scissors & lanyard.


Above: Box of 5 Morphine Syrettes.


Above: Morphine Syrettes

Above: Air Ministry (RAF) Individual Morphine Syrettes, often taken by Airborne troops from aircraft first aid kits to supplement their supplies.


Above: Contents of tin.


Above: Morphine Syrette.


Above: Instructions for use (front).


Above: Instructions for use (back).


Above: Bottles of Anti-Tetanus Serum.


Above: Anti Gas-Gangrene Serum.


Above: Stethoscope.


Above: Samways Tourniquet.


Above: The Singer tourniquet and case.


Above: A War Department 1937 pattern operating set.


Above: The 1940 Patt. Instruments, Operation set.


Above: The instrument roll from the 1940 pattern operating set


Above: Another example of an instrument roll from the 1940 pattern operating set.


Above: The issue tablet tin from the Regimental Medical Pannier & Medical Companion.


Above: The contents of the tablet tin.


Above: A British Army issue ophthalmoscope.


Above: The ophthalmoscope in its case.


Above: The issue Auriscope/ Otoscope.


Above: The contents of the issue Auriscope/ Otoscope. Note the empty compartment for batteries.


Above: A British Army issue Sphygmomanometer, in bakelite case. Used for measuring blood pressure.


Above: The contents of the Sphygmomanometer.



Above: The War Department marked operating head torch.


Above: Contents of the British Army issue operating head torch, and battery pack.


Above: A box linen thread for ligatures.

Above: Markings on the Instrument Roll, from the Regimental Medical Pannier.


Above: Contents of Roll, Instruments, Regimental Pannier.


Above: The 1940 Pattern Chiropody set.


Above: Contents of the 1940 pattern Chiropody set.


Above: The British Army issue Potains Aspirator set. Used for drainage.


Above: A set of British Army issue urethral bougies.








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