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Coronavirus, Our Communities and Our Well-Being

by Ashby Rambler - 11:10 on 20 March 2020

A community response to this mounting crisis is clearly desirable and The Rambler can already confirm that neighbours have been using the telephone, email and messages posted through doors to check on each other and offer help if needed.

Previous ‘Self- Help Plans’ have assumed that small communities should respond to external threats by immediately calling on volunteers to gather in a place of comparative safety and organise food, shelter, basic medical aid, and comfort for other individuals and families while waiting for the emergency services to respond.

‘Gatherings’ of this kind in this crisis are obviously no help at all.

The problem we all now have to face, as social beings, is simply that the advice we have been given to isolate ourselves from others is counter-intuitive but simultaneously correct.

Though possibly as dangerous and heart-breaking, this is not the Second World War. It would be irresponsible to get together and cheer ourselves up. We have to boost our morale in other ways.

Fortunately, we are privileged to live in a rural environment and, as I write, not advised against exercising in the open air provided we keep a safe distance (2 Metres) from each other (assuming my interpretation is correct and still applies to you – do check before going out!)

As a visitor to this site you will know that walking by yourself in the countryside can be a genuinely morale-boosting, refreshing experience – particularly if you are not gazing continually at a mobile phone or wearing headphones. There is so much out there to appreciate. It’s free, on your doorstep and still available.

If you should see me, or anyone else on the path, give us 2 Metres space but also a friendly wave!

For my latest updates on Cold Ashby in this pandemic click HERE.



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