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Laggan Church   

A warm welcome  to our home page. 


Social distancing has been reduced to 1m, but wearing masks, hand sanitising and contact details are still in place.

Services from Sunday 1st August onwards are Laggan 9.30am,

St.Bride's 11.30 am. The last Sunday of every month will be a joint worship service, August 29th will be in Kingussie at 10.30 am.

Future services can be found here






Stated Annual Meeting

There is no SAM this year but a shortened copy of the accounts are available here. If you would like a full copy please email Roy   roy@a9partnership.co.uk





Our latest Church newsletter is available here



Speysound Radio

                              Sundays 3pm weekly Songs of Priase with Graham Atkinson

                              Ist Sunday in the month 5pm The New Normal with Ian Hall, and guests, looking at life issues from a Christian perspective.

More details Speysound.com





Daily Devotions


Proverbs ch 10 v 9. Monday 2nd August 2021

Whoever walks in integrity walks securely,

but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.

Living life honestly and having strong moral principles is to be recommended while deceitful behaviour with no principles will always be exposed.


Proverbs ch 10 v 12. Tuesday 3rd August 2021

Hatred stirs up conflict,

but love covers over all wrongs.

Show kindness to others even when provoked, hate only breeds strife.


Proverbs ch 10 v 14. Wednesday 4th August 2021

The wise store up knowledge,

but the mouth of a fool invites ruin.

It’s much better to speak with wisdom on a subject rather than to make it up as you go along because once the words are spoken you can’t take them back


Proverbs ch 10 v 16 Thursday 5th August 2021

The wages of the righteous is life,

but the earnings of the wicked are sin and death.

The rewards of living life in God’s ways far outstrips the trouble caused by ignoring his teaching.


Proverbs ch 10 v 17. Friday 6th August 2021

Whoever heeds discipline shows the way to life,

but whoever ignores correction leads others astray.

No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, but we should all try to learn from any made. Don’t involve others in behaviours you know to be wrongdoing .


Proverbs ch 10 v 19. Saturday 7th August 2021

Sin is not ended by multiplying words,

but the prudent hold their tongues.

The tongue is an incalculable force, it can be used for good but equally it can cause immense damage. Better to sit and look foolish rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt.



















Sunday Service August 1st

For those continuing to worship online we hope you feel blessed and  part of God's family. Our service is led by Rev. Mary Ellen Thomson.

Listen to the service here

Read the service words here

Bible readings are here

And sing along with the songs here






Listen to the service by telephone by dialling 01540 210322 (charged at your usual rates)

Although this year we are unable to give in kind we can still support Inverness Foodstuffs through the direct giving link , please click here  and go to Inverness Foodstuff. 










Don't forget to collect stamps for the Women's Development project in Kandy, Sri Lanka. You can read more about this here




























Interim Moderator:

Mary Stewart 01479 810368  maryes@btinternet.com

Locum Minister :

Rev. Mary Ellen Thomson 01540 661772  marythomson835@btinternet.com



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