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Cover Description

These covers are designed to fit the rear straps as highlighted below. These were the straps that we found got soiled most often, however if you would like covers for other straps, please just let us know.


Each protective cover has a number of fabric layers, each of which has it's specific purpose.

Next to your baby's skin is 100% cotton jersey which is far gentler on the skin than the Pavlik harness itself.

In contact with the harness is a lightweight ripstop fabric to provide an element of waterproofness. To better protect the harness from nappy leaks!


Fitting the Cover

The covers wrap around the Pavlik harness straps and fasten with velcro.

Should the covers become soiled, they can be removed and washed - far simpler than washing the harness while it is fitted to your baby!

They are designed to be simple to fit.

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