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Benefits of Pavlik Harness Protectors®

Pavlik Harness Protectors® are designed to keep the Pavlik Harness clean, to prevent unnecessary trips to the hospital or bills for new Harnesses. In short, to reduce stress for you and your baby, and:

* designed and shaped specifically to fit closely around the Pavlik straps,

* soft cotton next to baby's skin,

* waterproof layer for extra protection from leaks,

* easy to fit onto the harness when it is on your baby,

* easy to remove from the harness, and

* machine washable!


These Pavlik Harness Protectors® are protective covers are the original and best, fully registered design. They are carefully shaped to fit snugly around the pavlik straps to ensure as full coverage as possible. Against your baby's skin is soft cotton jersey and they have a waterproof backing to give plenty of protection to the pavlik harness. 

I developed these Protectors after my own daughter was placed in a pavlik harness to correct her hip dysplasia. I'm delighted to say the harness did it's job perfectly, but keeping the harness clean became a crucial task if we were to avoid additional stressful trips to the hospital.


The covers we initially used were cumbersome and time consuming to fit, so these improved covers wrap around the rear harness straps, fasten quickly using velcro and have a waterproof layer to protect the harness from nappy leaks!

The layer of fabric next to your babies skin is cotton jersey - so it is more gentle against the skin than the harness itself..

Order your pavlik harness protective covers here.

Top Tips for Coping with a Pavlik Harness

We've written up a list of the top hacks we used for making life easier when dealing with a pavlik harness. Get that list here.

Protective Covers Versatility

Although the covers were specifically designed to protect the rear straps from nappy leaks, they can also be used on the shoulder straps or the front leg straps. They are softer than the harness against your babies skin and they can be easily removed and cleaned, unlike the pavlik harness!



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