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Magnified Orbs and Plasma Clouds

This website is updated on a regular basis so please keep looking.

As this file has now become to difficult to manage easily I have added a further Orbs and Plasma Clouds (2) which you can access by clicking on the list at the side.

Latest entries are at the top of this file.

If you find this site interesting I suggest you also visit Mark Mahin at www.orbpro.blogspot.com

The following pic is a 'revisitation' of a fast moving orb. At the time of entering, I hadn't tried to get a really close up view of the orb. See below for recent magnifications.

Now in the magnification it's possible to see what a tremendous speed this orb is travelling at. Not only that, but images are clearly visible inside the orb.

magnified once more. Looks like they're having a good time to me!

This is the lower section of the orb.


The main pic from which the orb below comes is entered below after magnifications taken from it. The brightness at the centre wasn't possible to 'dim down' but I knew there were images around the outside. I did enter this picture quite some time ago, but only now have I located more images so it's back to square one ! 

This image from the red area is the one I originally found. The others are new.

This from the right as you look at it. Personally I don't believe these 2 images are of human origin.

This is the original picture.


The large orb in the pic below as with the one above, certainly meant to be seen. It was the only object visible. No other orbs were present. See below for magnification with the brightness removed.

Luckily I was able to see definition inside the orb as well as showing its 'actual' colour.

This image is from the lefthand side.

And although not so clear this comes from the right. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to get a good look into the dark area near the centre.


The prominent orb in the picture below is somehow being lit on its righthand side from a source which is unexplicable. As we live in a rural spot with very little (if any) light polution. See following for enlargement of the main orb.

Apart from the obvious illumination on the left as you look at it, there's a small indentation at the bottom where a portion of the rim appears to be folded back to allow a small image to be seen. I magnified that area.



Since entering the two orbs below on 1st March, I've revisited both pictures, and magnified areas within them in an attempt to bring into focus anything which might be of interest. Magnifications can be seen below each of the orbs.

The bright orange orb in this picture was the only object visible. Which in the past I've found possibly means that it is meant to be 'seen' That's only a personal feeling. Photo was taken on 26 Feb 2015 at 2041. Another photo was taken at 2045 on the same evening it was also the only object in the sky and I was using a different camera. I believe it to be the same orb.Scroll down to see 2nd orb.

I've reduced the colour of the orb to hopefully make some of the images easier to see. This enlargement is the top of the 'crease' on the right hand side as you look at it. I was unable to get a sight of anything which might be in the dark area.

Below is taken from the very top of the orb, once again with colour reduction.

2nd orb, once again with colour reduction and from the bottom right.

The maginification below is taken from more or less the centre of the orb. Take a short while to look at it and hopefully you'll see the 'main' image. The difficulty as always, is to  'not' notice the other images which pop up and divert the attention. That is not to say that those images are of no importance, because to my mind they are. But when the logical part of our make up takes over, we're very likely to see 'nothing at all' because that's the way we're programmed!

The following 3 orbs plus a magnification from each are interesting in that they all came from the same photograph, but you will notice that each one is of a different colour and texture. I wonder if this could indicate that they belong in different dimensions, but appear 'here' at the same time.  Who knows!


I'm only entering the picture below of a 'not very interesting orb' to illustrate the fact that it appears 'behind' the weathervane on our garage.  Which to all intents and purposes rules out the supposition that orbs are specks of dust on the camera lense.


The orbs below were photographed on 30th Jan

I was unable to get much detail out of the two orbs other than what is visible in the pic.  But I noticed that there appeared to be a small image in between the two which I felt would be worth enlarging.

I honed in on it once more. It looks to me like a very young childs head and eyes, with (dare I say it) an eyebrow visible!


This incredible picture of a plasma cloud was photographed on the 28th Jan. Yes, it is snowing but the difference between snowflakes and orbs is apparent when magnified orbs in the picture are seen. Close ups in following pics.

I was unable to take the brightness out of the main large orb in the above pic, but the one below is a good result.

This is a close up of a portion taken from the top of the above orb.

To illustrate the point of the difference between snow and orbs, in the pic below (also from the main one above) An orb is clearly visible showing up behind a large 'clump' of snow. The snowflake remains bright white with no feature inside it, while the orb responds when contrast is applied.  A further close look at part of the orb is below.


More pictures of plasma clouds can be seen further down this page.

Just look at the detail in the 2 pics below I think they're spectacular.

This is an enlargement taken of the 'bulge' on the right hand side of the above.

I really find it difficult to understand how anyone could state that ALL orbs are merely dust particles or moisture on the lens of the camera. Not forgetting the 'wishful thinking' element of course! .

Please see below for magnification of an image found within the following orb.

I decided to take some of the colour out of the following magnification to hopefully give the enlargement more clarity.


Below is just one image magnified from within the above orb Although partially hidden, it's possible to see a face in the background





The above is an enlargement taken from the left hand side of the preceeding orb


The plasma cloud pictured below was photographed on the 15th Feb

The incredible bright orb below was photographed on 24th Jan. I was unable to reduce the brightness of the orb in order to see what was inside it. But there are other, smaller orbs in this picture. I intend to take a closer look at them shortly. Anything I find I'll add at a later date.


There's such a great deal to see in this orb photographed 6th Jan this year, so I've included (below) 2 areas in the picture which I hope you may find interesting. But if you look long enough you'll certainly find more for yourself.


A plasma cloud from 29th December 2013. It's amazing how these often very dense plasma clouds can appear so suddenly, and then in the next shot taken they have disappeared without even the smallest trace being left behind.

The following plasma cloud appeared on the evening of 27th December 2013


I had been wondering for a while,  why it was that there had been no pictures containing plasma clouds for a long time. So a couple of days ago, I 'asked' why this was. And hey presto on the 20th of Nov 2013 two pictures of plasma appeared. So it goes to show some force out there hears what we say.  The pic below was added on 24th November, the evening after the plasma clouds entered on the 20th.

20th Nov 2013


As you can see there is an orb 'resting' on the wall in the pic below. I wanted to take a look inside the dark area where the hole is. So I cropped the area and lightened it. See following 2  pics for result.


The result isn't brilliant, but I think it's possible to see the top half of a childs face peeking out of the plasma like substance inside the hole.

The complexity and structures found in the following orb is stunning. The orb itself has such depth that when looking at it I realize there's more than one layer involved. The more you look the more you find.

The colours in the orb below are really beautiful.  There are images within the structure if you take time to look for them.



I've included the following picture to show how, although this orb is very bright and without much indication that there are images within the orb, it is possible sometimes by taking the brightness out, to see that there is something inside and behind the white light. See 2nd pic.



The picture below is not a good one.  My only purpose in entering it in this file, is to show the orb coming round the corner of the house. The fact that it is 'behind' the virginia creeper, to my mind rules out the supposition that all orbs are either water droplets on the lens, or particles of dust.  See 2nd pic for an enlargement.

There is an image present in the orb below, but the quality was too poor to be included.


Although the plasma in the following is thinner than usual I've entered it to show the picture also contains a number of orbs.  See following 3 pics for enlargements of 3 of them.


If you look carefully at the 3 beautiful orbs below you will see that apart from their lovely colours they also contain strong facial features.



This next orb has an unusual 'pipelike' feature on the left hand side. I've enlarged that portion below to get a closer look at it.

This phenomenon appears very often in the pics we take, but this is the first time I've mentioned it. Sometimes these 'pipes' appear to look similar to telescopes. I have no idea what they are, but they obviously serve some purpose.



When an orb of exceptional brightness is photographed, it's not usually possible to adjust the contrast sufficiently to see the 'inside' of the orb. I was quite lucky on this occasion. Scroll down to see the various stages I went through to be able to see behind the brightness.

Now, instead of becoming unbearably bright  as would normally happens when I try to adjust the contrast ,it's possible to see patterning and forms within the orb.

The pic below is a cropped area taken from the above. Notice the face on the left as you look at it.


This latest plasma cloud wasn't one of the best we've ever photographed. But after cropping and magnifying one area inside the cloud, the picture following it shows what we found.

The distortion in most of the picture below is due we believe, to the thinning of the veil between realities.  But you will hopefully be able to see the strong oblong shape in the near centre of the pic. What it is, or represents is anyones guess. We have wondered if it could be a portal.



The plasma clouds in the following 2 pics were photographed on the 23rd Feb 2013



Taken 7th Feb 2013

It's difficult to see, but in the above image there are quite a few bright white spots of 'plasma' I tried to get some detail out of a few of them, without much success except for the following magnification. The brightness of the white light was too intense for the contrast in Photo Shop to be of any use --very frustrating. The magnification is from a spot on the garage door. We noticed recently that the shape does seem to echo the large plasma shape in the photo above. Also, the pipelike manifestation on the lefthand side of the plasma is mentioned in one of the images a little further up this file.


Scroll down to find 4 magnified images taken from the following picture which was photographed in the summer of 2012

By looking carefully at the following entries you should be able to find some interesting images.


The image below was very small in the original picture, hardly large enough to see.  But after enlarging it I was pleased to see a the face of an entity looking down towards the large orb in the pic above. The entity appears to be smiling. it reminded me of the 'genie' that Aladdin released from its prison in the magic lamp.


The plasma cloud in the pic below was photographed on 17th Jan 2013

Plasma clouds seem to be the 'in thing' at the moment, in our pics at least.  The following showed up on 15th Jan 2013.  They are always beautiful to look at, but in the blink of an eyelid they're gone.


This one showed up on the 13th of Jan 2013. I'll be taking a closer look at it to see if there are any individual images within the picture. But even as it stands I think it's fantastic.



The next two pictures were photographed on 27th December 2012. If you take a minute to look at them, you may possibly see that whatever force is behind these 2 pics is trying to 'mimic' the dovebox. The 1st attempt is on the righthand side where the plasma is dense, and is a little sketchy, attempting  I feel, to copy either the apex of the box, or the garage.


This is the 2nd attempt photographed seconds after the one above. In this picture the openings to the box are quite obvious. Whatever force is behind these manifestations appears to be experimenting . A book called  'The Orb Project' shows similar photos including one of a camera formed of plasma, more or less the same as the one being used by the  photographer.


The picture below was photographed mid November 2012, the plasma cloud appears to be coming from the backdoor of the house. I tried magnifying a couple of the orbs which formed around the main image. But unfortunately couldn't make a clear enough image to include.  To find where I had more success scroll down the file.


The dragonlike shaped plasma in the following was photographed on 16th October. As usual, in the preceding picture and in the one taken seconds after it, show no signs of the image below.

The following 3 pics are enlargements of images found in the above. I have altered to contrast slightly in the following to give the images more clarity.


I magnified the faint orb that is just visible below the 'dragons snout' I found is something fascinating about the texture of this orb, and the way it seems to recede into darkness near the central point.


The plasma clouds in the following 2 pictures where both photographed on the 20th Sept.  You may notice  the almost human eyes in both images. I intend to take a closer look at the one below as I am certain there are parts to enlarge which will be of interest. I will add them shortly.

Below are 2 magnifications from parts of the above. I see at least 2 strong faces in the following pic. Take time to look for them.



The following image was captured about 30 seconds after the one above. Once again, look at the eye which appears in the plasma cloud.  Look at next pic to see enlargement of that area.


21st October

It has taken a little time to look further at the pic above to see if I could make out any recognisable images in the plasma. There are quite a few, but for the moment, see following 2 pics.

It's worth concentrating on the image below for a while, as the images in the plasma are seemingly transparent. With the images superposed one on top of another.  But, if you look long enough you will find them, especially the strong masculine image in the centre of the following pic. Once you have found it look for the others.

The following seems to be a little 'soupy' I've mentioned this in our other files. Not wanting to mislead either ourselves, or anyone visiting this site, we decided to buy a new camera, thinking the one we were currently using might possibly be coming to the end of its life. It's obvious if you are using the flash hundreds and hundreds of times, at some stage it will not function as you wish. We found that with the new camera we were getting similar results. So, nothing to do with the camera. Something seems to be happening 'out there' changing what is being viewed. It's a case of riding with it and waiting to see what happens next! See enlargements of the following in next 2 pics


The following is an enlargement of a portion of the above


This fantastic display of orbs was photographed in May.


It was exciting to see the bright red orb in the photo below captured on 4th August.  I hoped that when I cropped and magnified it, it would be possible to see inside the orb.  Unfortunately I was unable to get a clear image of its interior. But if you look at the 2nd picture I had a better result with another orb in the same picture. The white vertical streak between the Red and white orbs is a leaf rake.

If you look at the bottom centre of the following orb you will find a strong face with an unmissable smile. Look a little longer to see more images, not as clear as that one but definately there.

When an orb of bright white light is photographed, like the one in the following picture, it is usually impossible to alter the contrast, and/or brightness to make it possible to get some idea of what if anything is behind the light.

The following 4 entries are enlagements of portions taken from the above picture.

The image below is a point in fact, this light is so bright that I was unable to 'tone it down' But notice there are shadowy images behind and around the light.

In the following, 3 discs can be seen flying in what seems to be an intentional formation.

I cropped the middle brightest disc and enlarged it. Look for the faces it contains.



The following picture is an enlargement of just one of the orbs present in the above.  Notice the images in the mist above and behind the orb.


We have had a number of pictures lately where the plasma has been localised in a particular area. We found a lot of images in this plasma and are having difficulty in choosing any one in particular to put on the site.  Anyway, here goes . I will start with just one image of many found in the following picture.

In the enlargement below it appears as though you are looking at  more than one dimension. It's almost like looking through a veil where different images are superimposed one on top of another.  Study the image to see what I mean.

The following was photographed on 23rd May

The two images below are magnifications of just two of the orbs in the above photo.  I also adjusted the contrast to make them clearer.


The following image was photographed 20th April. There was no trace of the plasma in the following shot which was taken some 6 seconds later.

The first picture below was taken on 6 April.  The plasma form gave us quite a surprise. I think it is rather beautiful.

The following orb is interesting. Apart from its colour there appears to be a 'window' in it.  Look at 2nd image to see magnification of that area.

There are either eyes looking out, or faces. They are not clear enough to be sure which  BUT whilst on line inserting the updates I  see there are other faces in the magnified area. I'll take another look at the original and see what I can find.

Footnote to this picture. If you're curious to know what else I found in this entry, please visit the Strange Phenomena file there is an entry posted on 3rd June 2013


Looking at the above reminded me of a photo I took in feb 2009 during a snow storm. I took care to keep under the porch of the house and to make sure the camera lens remained dry. It was quite easy to see the difference between snowflakes and orbs.

The big 'orb' in the centre of above pic reminded me of a spacemans helmet.  This is how it looked after cropping and enlarging.

 I think the following image is interesting as there are two different forms in the same picture.  Firstly I decided to try and take the brightness out of the larger shape to see what might be behind the light.

What I found in picture 2 came as a surprise. As you will notice, once most of the brightness was removed it revealed quite a complex object. It is as though the real shape and substance was concealed behind the light. I knew there was something coming out at the top of the image. So once again I cropped and magnified the area see pic 3.

There does seem to be a number of heads coming out of the top of the 'orb'  I then went through the same process with the smaller image see pics 4 and 5.

Once again although not very clear there is what appears to be a face looking outwards.

The images which contain 'plasma' (see below) are interesting in that not only can the shapes be lovely to look at, but interestingly in the following picture taken the plasma will have completely disappeared.





 In the picture below the dense 'mist' which has formed, and for the want of a better word has been named 'plasma' was not visible to the naked eye. This rules out either normal mist or smoke from some identifiable source.  This is true for all the photos showing plasma that  have been included on this site.

  The picture below which looks like a very large golf ball appears to have a hole in it.  I found a face in that hole but was unable to bring it up clearly enough to include it in a close up.

I have seen the beautiful bright orb in the pic below on many occasions, and have been able to identify it by its markings.

 Although the picture below is of a poor quality it is worth including because of the 'not quite human' looking manifestation it contains.


I wish I knew where the rainbow light was  coming from in the picture below.

Also in the 2 following, there's a bright light on the right hand side of the picture which seems to have distorted that area, leaving the rest of the picture in focus. So it's unlikely to have been a camera fault.

Also in the pic below the distortion on the right side is significant. Whereas on the left side it's perfectly normal, and the right colour for the time of evening these pics were taken. Also as you can see, there is a bright orb on the right. But I don't think the light was coming from that.

 The red swirl on the left hand side of the following picture is so intense in colour that I wonder if it could be a form of very high energy.



 The picture below was taken in Oct 2011 and would be interested to hear if anyone has any idea what it could be.

 Below is the original picture taken before enlarging the above orb.


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