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Hello there! I am currently looking for clubs/ groups of people who go off-road cycling near me (I am based in Guildford)
I was just wondering if I can join you on your Saturday rides. I just wanted to ask at what speed you ride and your average distances - (I was a very keen MTBer a few years ago but with work, studying and alcohol I have put on a few pounds and really want to get fit again!)
I also don’t want to cycle on my own as I end up getting lost as I don’t know the routes and is very boring!
Many thanks in advance for your reply!
Posted by G on 27 September 2016
Hello. Our Saturday rides are normally something like 20 to 30 miles long and will average around 10mph. They start from Nirvana cycles in Westcott and will include a tea stop on route. We stay off road as much as possible and have a very good knowledge of the local trails. Any one can come along, its not a club as such so no fees or anything like that but obviously you do ride everything at your own risk - hope this helps
Posted by Toby on 28 September 2016
MTB Rides and Joining the Club
Hi - based up the road in Esher and found your website after a search to find MTB clubs in Surrey. Would it be possible to come along and sample a few rides on a Wednesday night or weekend mid September onwards and if all goes to plan, understand how to sign up for the club? Can you drop me a line to confirm. Cheers. Matthew
Posted by Matthew McEwan on 24 August 2016
Hello Matt, just to say we are not a club just a group of people who enjoy mountain biking. You would be welcome to come along on any of our rides, just show up outside Nirvana Cycles in Wedtcot at either 6.30 pm on Wednesdays or 9.30 am on Saturdays
Posted by Toby Ward on 24 August 2016
Hi, I've just come across your website and I'd like to join a ride in the next few weeks if possible. May I please?
When is the next one and what do I have to do to join?
Posted by Paul on 13 May 2016
Hello Paul, we have two regular rides and many ad hoc ones. Our regular rides both start from outside Nirvana cycles in Westcott one at 6.30 on Wednesday evenings and the other one at 9.30 on Saturday mornings, feel free to turn up to either but remember to bring lights for the Wednesday night rides.
Posted by Toby Ward on 14 May 2016
Today's ride
Thanks for letting me tag along and for showing me more of the Surrey hills. As a southerner - living near Hamble river - it's an effort to get up there but much appreciated when I'm able to get more from the trip because of your openness and willingness to include me.

I particularly enjoyed mike and George discussing marriage and the appropriate effort and investment a wedding should involve. I was breathing too heavy to join in. Good luck on the day.
I'm told I'm welcome to come again for the 9.30 starts at nirvana so I hope to take up the opportunity when I can. Thanks again.
Posted by Grant on 07 March 2015
Hello Grant, it was no problem and I hope we helped you get more out of your visit by tagging along.

Yep, our regular rides both start from Nirvana cycles in Westcott, 6.30p on Wednesdays and 9.30am on Saturdays. As for George and Mike taljing about weddings I dread to think what was being said :)

Feel free to tag along again if you are in the area, its really no problem
Posted by Toby Ward on 08 March 2015
Thanks will do
Posted by on 10 March 2015
Hi, I live in Chilworth and fancy getting into trail riding. Have done road riding previously but haven't a clue with trail bikes. So, what would be a good bike at a reasonable price? I've seen the advice on the lights which is good. Also, what footwear is best, clipless pedals with MTB shoes? Any advice is good and I hope to join you all soon. Ta Robin
Posted by robin on 15 December 2013
Hello Robin, sorry for the very late reply but I'll attempt to answer a couple of your questions.

With regard to lights as you mention see below, the Cree lights are fantastic value for money, great for a starter light so I'd stick with buying one of those for about £30 and if you like night riding then perhaps think about getting one of the lights from a more established company.

Clipless pedals are certainly the way to go for XC riding, they can be difficult to get used to but perserver and you won't regret it - shoes wise its a case of getting the best you can afford from any of the well known brands - studs at the front can be useful for when you have to push but thats very rare.

As for a bike thats a real can of worms. There are 3 differant wheel sizes now and of course hard tail, fully rigid or full suspension in each of them.

For example personally I am really enjoying riding my singlespeed fully rigid carbon 26" bike where as many I ride with prefer a full suspension 29" 27 speed bike.

All I can suggest is set your self a budget and go to a few shops, try a few bikes and look out for deals. Often you can get a really good price buying one of last years models. Most new bikes now are either 27b or 29" with differant people preferring differant sizes thats really going to come down to your prefernce.

Hope this helps a little and happy riding
Posted by Toby on 27 December 2013
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