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A day for schools


The venue for the day a home for innovative activity


Programming buggies in Moray College's robotics workshop

Several of the tenants at Horizon Scotland kindly made space available for the day. The robotics workshop took place in the Hatchery an area for start-up businesses.

First comes the White Knight, then SpaceshipOne... operating a simulated flight of Virgin Galactic's spacecraft.

Homing in on the right note in the electronic music synthesis workshop

Once upon a time, several billion years ago ... Bill Leslie shows how to calculate the age of the universe from spectral analysis of distant stars

Bill used Edwin Hubble's original spectra for the calculations

... and it really did work out to the correct figure

Maarten de Vries designed the software for the music synthesis

The sounds on the keyboards could vary - even the shapes of the notes could be altered

Maarten originally designed the software to produce the tone of a church organ, including the sound of the air in the pipes

Howie Firth and Alan Thompson introduced fuzzy logic

Bill Graham showed how electronic pulse width can be used for remote control of a robotic explorer vehicle

Bill explained the concept of control systems, and how electronic pulses can carry information

Electronics and textiles met in the Distance Lab workshop

A place where dreams can turn into reality

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