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Last Voices of Gaia

The Last Voices of Gaia will be bringing you radio podcasts, documentaries and films featuring many of the topics discussed in these webpages. Here is a summarised look at some of the subjects that we are going to be  bringing to you:

  • Ocean Watch Alert- The main focus of this project is now the unfathomable impact the Gulf Oil Spill has had on the Marine Life and Fish Stocks, We are also involved in the clean up job to save marine wildlife.
  • Sailing the Americas – Our floating Filming Base – Filming around the Americas with the aid and use of a 34ft steel Topper Hermanson Sailing Boat.
  • Marine Conservation-Mangrove conservation, marina rare animal conservation,
  • Changing ecology of sea life with global warming, whale and dolphin behaviour and migrations.
  • Indigenous Island People – how their island communities are affected by tourism and corporate exploitative fishing.
  • Agro-sustainability in central and south america and how this is affected by Trade Commissions
  • Central America-Visiting various projects in Guatemala – Mayan Peoples connection to the land, anguish, struggle and hope of daily survival.
  • Solar Oven Workshops-no need for wood burning, using the sun to cook food
  • Sustainability Village Building Techniques investigating sustainable settlements around central and south america
  • Sustainable Energy-investigating the use of solution energy and different sanitation systems in new sustainable settlements
  • Rainforest Conservation-How the rainforest are the lungs of the earth, Biodiversity of Rainforest Canopies and Rainforest Ecology
  • Rainforest People of the Amazon- Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil
  • Indigenous Peoples Sacred Relationships with the Earth – how this relationship has been affected by corporate developments and  reconnecting with earth through sustainability resources.
  • Preservation of Ancient Knowledge and Indigenous Traditions, Rituals and Arts
  • Ancient Rainforest Plant Medicine and Shamanic Tradition
  • Similarities of  Ancient Tribal and Shamanic Practices in the East and West
  • Ancient Sacred Sites of Central and South America

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The  Last Voices of Gaia is a Combined Pioneering Sustainability and Media Project Alliance brought to you by the combined efforts of Carlita Shaw to share a vision for a different past, present & future for  planet Earth,  a vision shared with other Last Voices of  Gaia.



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 All projects on the Evolve to Ecology website were created, written & researched by Ecologist, Carlita Shaw BSc ( Hons) ©, 2010.


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