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Site under continual improvement!!!

Before starting out on my trip to Canada in May 2007 I had hoped to start up a web site all about my experiences blah blah blah but never managed to find the time or more importantly the know how on how to actually start a web site.  Peter my good friend showed me his easy to set up and operate Spanglefish site that he can update himself in minutes every day with very little or no technical know how on his part.  So I signed up for one as it should suit me just perfectly.

On the left hand side you will find a navigation bar that is quite self explanatory, just click on whatever you would like to read about.  The blog will not be updated every day but at least 2 or 3 times a week I would hope. 

If you have a web page then send me a link and I will add you to the links page.  

If you visit the site please say hello it would be nice to know who is reading my drivel especially if you visit on a regular basis and any thoughts you have, please let me know good or bad. 

On the right hand side there are links to companys that are able to save you money in the UK on all your business and residential utility bills and the cheapest car hire company I have found who operate world wide not just in Inverness. 

 Fancy Hitting the roads of America and Canada driving a "real truck"!? or just curious to see what the job is like? This is the site for you.

Over the course of my trip to Canada I will be updating this site on an, as regular basis, as the job will permit so check in from time to time and see whats new. 

If you want more info on driving in Canada please dont hesitate to contact me for more details.   Minimal experience 3 years driving artics preferably with european experience but that is not essential.


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