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 Bastille Mêlée  2014

They say a picture paints a thousand words… in that case the photograph album from this year's Bastille mêlée is some kind of nightmare mix of 50 Shades of Gray (courtesy of Shun’s Tarte aux Pommes), Fear & Loathing (courtesy of the giant crocodiles), and the Magic Roundabout (courtesy of PILCs’ snails).  In the annual event that shames honours France, the Caerleon massive once again did Wales proud.

the 28 runners and riders for the 2014 melee

the 28 runners and riders of the 2014 melee


the Cohort peloton tackle the cote du Broadway


David, Clive, Kay, Pat and Jan weigh up their chances...



  Karen & Chris make a slow arrival   Pat drops a hint to Alan


Terry, Wally and Simon do their very best to ignore Shun



                   Mike & Hugh               Ray -about to get croc'd


Barb & Dai cordoned off in the Welsh section...



Kon takes off                  Helen admires Shun's cheek

first fannies of the day - Clive, Kay and Richard take the hit



Ray's photobomb                     Dai, Keith & Simon



the future of RFC boules...       meets the veterans...


" W.?   T.?   F.?" - all passing motorists



Monsieur Croc, Bron & Richard            Doug gets some action


contemplating the shooting - tell us AGAIN how many points for the coche...


Shun takes on Dutch courage... and Ray takes adavntage... 



Barb and Ian take the shame...


Shun takes best Fancy Dress - and Tansy by surprise (lipstick not Tansy's own)


Kay, delighted and overwhelmed with her Last PLace prize...



Paul & Marc collecting 3rd Prizes...   Hugh taking 2nd...



Triumphant winner Ray...        Most Average Terry


one last shot of Shun: we've got a ton of others saved up for caption competitions, but this one writes its own beautiful punchline...


good work everyone-roll on next year!



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