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Bastille Day 2013

Another great Bastille Day Melee for the CRFC Petanque Club

Our Bastille Day Melee was run on the 21st this year so that it did not clash with the planned RFC camping trip.

Once again everyone went to town in the dressing up stakes. French music blared out from the garage and a great deal of food and drink was consumed.

After the first game the organiser had the 13-0 pointed out to him and stopped the proceedings while Tansy dished out the medals and made sure that the plaque was kissed by Mike, Jackie and Jan.

The competition saw two games before lunch, then while the food was being prepared the shooting game got underway. This year the game consisted of 3 sets of - large boule, medium boule and coche - to aim at. The first set were visible with no objects in front. The second set were visible behind a board, requiring a full length shot, and the third set could not be seen from the circle, being hidden behind the board.
High scores were given for hitting coches, carreaus and for hitting the hidden objects. 20p a go and all money returned to the winner.
Despite having easier shots available, everyone decided to go for the hidden objects creating some really high (and some really low) scores.
The eventual winner was Kon who would have taken home the grand total of £9.00. However, he very generously donated his winnings to the womens team who are going to the World Championships.

Barbara put on a fantastic spread for lunch. Many thanks Barbara!

After we were all fed and watered the third game was played. New member David who had his first taste of Bastille Day was asked to judge the fancy dress competition. There were many striped jumpers to pick from. Paul and Tansy came as Quasimodo and Esmeralda, Kon came as Jacques Cousteau complete with flippers and a working bubble machine and the Pilcs trio came as three French hens. The prestigious fancy dress prize went to French hens, Karen, Hugh and Chris who managed to play in rubber feet and beaks and had some great hand drawn faces.

In the main competition Keith came last and won a bar of chocolate, Kon came exactly in the middle and won some beers but in top positions after the third game there were four players on three wins. It all came down to points. Prizes went to Nobby who was second, but, by only dropping 3 points in two games Barbara came out well and truly on top. Well done Barbara.

Many thanks to everyone for making this a great day again.

Photos below - remember you can click on them to make them larger.
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