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Mince Pie Melee 2011

The last melee (mince pie) of 2011 was held on Tues 27th /12/11
The weather was dry and although chilly at times attracted 12 club members away from their sofas, a nice number for the organizer.
Ray got a good fire going on the BBQ to keep us warm which lasted all day and with Jan and Barbara supplying the mince pies, Nobby shooting off to get some milk for coffee just as the melee was about to start, we got the last melee of the year under way. Three games were played in a very relaxed holiday spirit drifting to the bar for refreshments when needed.
Most games were pretty close except for one where we witnessed the last Fanny of the year. Unfortunately for Pat and Terry, Jeremy and Jan showed no Christmas spirit at all and put them to the sword 13-0 in the second game.
By now some of the men had started to warm their balls by the fire thinking it might give them an advantage in the next game which may well have been the case as we concluded  with three men on three wins - Ray, Jeremy and Nobby. However Jeremy's fanny gave him the edge over the two men and he won the day on points .
We retired to the club for the rest of the mince pies and refreshments, photos of the fanny's and the winners regulation bottle of wine presentation.
Well done Jeremy.
See you all in 2012
Kon 9/1/2012

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