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Parking - 'You don't know what you've got till it's gone...'

by Ashby Rambler - 10:59 on 23 January 2013


It's not always easy but, generally speaking, folk in Cold Ashby get on pretty well with each other.
We don't have enough parking for everybody but we do try to allow villagers to park outside, or within reasonable distance of, their homes.
It's a social thing - an unwritten law, if you like.
As one resident puts it, people have' traditionally been able to park in front of their own houses'.
We also expect the volunteers who turn up time and again to set up tables, bring cakes, bottles, bric- a -brac etc. for charity fund- raising events in the Village Hall to be allowed to park outside the hall.
We expect to be able to walk safely on the footpaths and to wheel our prams to the playing field and/or wheelbarrows to our vegetable gardens on a footway without fear of being struck by traffic.
If we have visitors we like to welcome them and offer them parking near our homes.
We want our children to walk safely to and from the school bus without the threat of oversized vehicles mounting the pavements they use, using them as an illegal extension of the perfectly adequate road width.
We expect the older members of our community to be able to visit each other confidently on foot or meet together in the pub and walk home safely afterwards.
Consequently, we welcome our badly needed traffic calming measures of all kinds : the HGV ban, planned engineering solutions, permanent solid bollards, flashing lights, smiling faces - anything that even slightly improves safety in our community.
We know parking in Main Street slows the traffic, that we need permanent fixed safety bollards (and more of them on both sides of the street) and police enforcement of the existing speed and weight limits.

The Rambler will therefore continue to oppose any attempt by any agency or public body that threatens to remove on-street parking or modify existing safety installations in Main Street, whilst also campaigning for, and supporting additional measures and physical traffic-calming.


Comment from ColinR at 12:44 on 05 April 2013.
Here, Here.

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