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More Traffic Calming in Cold Ashby

by Ashby Rambler - 12:36 on 07 May 2012

The Rambler welcomes the Parish Council’s decision to purchase a portable VAS unit which, together with the existing fixed units and bollards/ barriers on pavements in Main Street, will hopefully  improve driver behaviour through our village.
It has been suggested that this new unit will also provide us with further statistical evidence to support the argument for permanent, physical traffic calming.
This is undoubtedly so.
However, the case for such measures has, in the Rambler’s view, already been successfully made - indeed, the Parish Council’s last Newsletter stated that Northants County Council had ‘designed and approved the installation of a traffic calming feature for the West Haddon Road’.

We now need to restrict the ease with which Heavy Goods Vehicles can travel, illegally, through Cold Ashby on their way to the A14 and/ or the Truckstop at Portly Ford.
All we need now is the cash!

Any suggestions out there?

Comment from Anon at 14:46 on 13 May 2012.
I agree that speed is an issue in Cold Ashby but do residents of Cold Ashby park their vehicles in a manner that could cause other road users cause for concern? I make reference to the irresponsible owner of the white sports coupe parked on the bend facing the wrong direction.
Comment from Ashby Rambler at 09:35 on 29 May 2012.
Thanks for this, Anon - good to get feedback!

Further details of the new VAS unit and details of its positioning in the village are now available on the Parish Council's Newsletter.
(See Link via 'News Headlines')
Comment from Owner of the white coupe at 23:13 on 30 October 2013.
The vehicle was parked there to offer some protection to my child and partner when coming out the house as the speed of these fools driving through the village is more of a concern to me than damage that may occur to my vehicle! If you have an issue with my parking pop in and share your concerns. I will continue to park my vehicles in this fashion until something productive is done to reduce the speed of vehicles! And this doesn't include the very poorly designed measure implemented on the West Haddon road.
Comment from Ashby Rambler at 11:10 on 01 November 2013.
So pleased you eventually responded to this, White Coupe Owner. Unfortunately 'strategic parking' is all you can do at present.
Whatever measures are taken it seems that driver behaviour in the village simply worsens.
Speeds were too high in Main Street last evening when children and their parents were clearly celebrating Halloween and walking from house to house in the dark.
The Rambler continues to support all types of Traffic Calming in Cold Ashby.

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