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Twelve Months of Restrictions

by Ashby Rambler - 11:59 on 22 March 2021


It’s now one year since the first lockdown was announced and I posted my thoughts on our community’s response and then decided to keep a record of the effects locally and my personal reactions to the developing crisis.

I did not then envisage a year of ‘staying at home’ broken briefly by a vain and, as it transpired, harmful attempt by central government to relaunch the economy by bribing us to ‘eat out to help out’. Neither did I expect the unworldly, confusing ‘Tier System’ nor that awful Christmas fiasco followed by the present continuing restrictions.

The incredibly speedy and efficient rollout of vaccinations appears to be the only truly successful measure this government has implemented, with perhaps the provision of testing (but not much joy with ‘Test and Trace!).

Meanwhile we have a ‘Roadmap’ but are still ‘staying at home’ at the moment – which seems a reasonable idea if you can.

Only the impossibly addicted or, of course, those who need to work or who are legally allowed to visit family or friends will be considering travel to European destinations at present while the EU strive to be as difficult and illogical as we know it can be (though not usually against its own interests).

Fortunately, we are still getting our local walks in these parts and I certainly don’t regret keeping this website available to all those who have used it – thanks everyone for your interest in my efforts and apologies to any of you I may have inadvertently ‘led astray’!

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