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Peverel Group

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The company claims the following:

The Peverel Group of companies comprises some of the leading providers of property related services in the UK. Our services include: residential property management, installation and maintenance of communication and security systems, retirement property sales and building and contents insurance. We are also a leading freeholder and manager of privately-owned residential developments with a substantial nationwide portfolio.

Companies within the Group include:

Cirrus Communication Systems Limited,
The Kingsborough Insurance Services Limited,
Peverel Management Services Limited
Peverel OM Limited
Peverel Scotland Limited
Retirement Homesearch Limited

The reality:

Many home owners have found the company extremely difficult to deal with, claiming that the company through its land and property management services operations seems to make up it's own charges and rules of engagement on a month by month basis.

When challenged, company represesentatives claim they are empowered under agreements between individual estate site Developers and Peverel, yet do not make such agreements available to those receiving invoices for their supposed services.

Local Councils are reluctant to commit any assistance in relation to Consumer Protection to those unfortunate people caught in this trap.

When Trading Standards Offices are approached they seem again reluctant to act.

So - How has this unacceptable "arrangement" been able to be operated and who is responsible for it's introduction?

Some years ago, Local Councils started to get into financial difficulty and were looking to remove themselves from being a service provider for maintenance of amenity land, litter collection, and tree and shrub care surrounding estate developments.

Enter companies such as the Greenbelt Group and Peverel Group as providers of such services - the downside was that such companies proceeded to charge house purchasers with the cost of this "service" provision with no reduction in Local Property Tax.

UK Government, Devolved Governments, Local Councils, Builders and Developers have since been complicit in ensuring the "system" is maintained despite complaints from represesentatives from around 100 estates covering thousands of properties that the system is not working and service providers are operating completely outside of any controlling Consumer Protection Laws and excessive annual charges are made with threats if payment is not forthcoming!

Not surprisingly, campaigners have forced debates in the House of Commons and Holyrood Parliaments and the fight continues to ensure property owners are removed from such monopoly trading activities.

What can you do?

Add your voice to the growing number of complainants.

Please write to us via our site contact form and let us know about the realities of dealing with these companies - feel free to detail all matters that you are unhappy about.

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