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10 August 2018Giant rhubarb invades Western Isles

SNH is working on an ambitious project to wipe out giant rhubarb in the Western Isles.

It comes as an Europe-wide ban on the sale of the alien plant comes into force.

SNH is working on an ambitious project to wipe out giant rhubarb in in the Western Isles and wants to stop its spread on the west coast of Scotland and beyond.

People who already have the plant, also known as Gunnera, in their garden can keep it, but they must act responsibly. Allowing Gunnera to grow or spread outside their garden could now be an offence.

Roddy MacMinn, who is leading on the islands’ project for SNH said: “Gunnera has become invasive in parts of Harris within the last two decades and is starting to invade other parts of the Western Isles.

“We are concerned that it could become invasive on parts of the west coast of Scotland and islands with a mild, wet oceanic climate.

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