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Abstract - Earier Works
As the very proud owner of an early Banks (c2000) I am happy to have been able to look around your new website.
Really enjoyable and stimulating new material; I love the way your work is developing. I should keep better informed about such artists as yourself and make the effort to get to your shows; pity you are such a long way from London!!
Posted by Barry Noon on 01 February 2011
Many thanks for those kind words!
Posted by Susan on 01 February 2011
You have an interesting perspective. I came across this site purely by chance.

Such is Art.

There's a smile on my face - are any of your images available?


Posted by Mobius on 17 March 2010
Great stuff. Looking forward to your exhibition in Hull. cheers Dan
Posted by Dan on 17 February 2008
Thanks Dan - I am looking forward to seeing you there.
Posted by Susan on 18 February 2008
Your website is wonderful, lovely to see more of your work. Its wonderful. It's also nice to hear a description of your creative process and workings.
Posted by Mathew on 15 January 2008
Cheers Mathew - I appreciate your comments and that you have had a look round the site.
Posted by Susan on 15 January 2008
Wonderful to see your recent paintings on-line! The art works posted on the site look really great/challenging. I particularly love the "Spanish" mirrors.I should like to see more of them "in the flesh" when I get the chance. Keep up the good work.
Posted by Matthew on 13 January 2008
Thanks Matthew, I hope you get to see them soon!
Posted by Susan on 14 January 2008
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